Call Authentication for Non-IP Networks – TRACED Act Compliance


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Developed jointly by ATIS and the SIP Forum, SHAKEN defines a mechanism to verify the calling number and specifies how it will be transported across IP-based (i.e., SIP) communications networks. The TRACED Act and the FCC’s proposed implementing rules highlight a need to also examine non-IP (i.e., TDM) call authentication. Leveraging its extensive expertise in call authentication and TDM, ATIS launched a new Non-IP Call Authentication Task Force for TDM-based Service Providers.

The Task Force will identify and document call authentication challenges facing TDM networks, investigate the feasibility of new solutions in this area, and evaluate the implementation viability of TDM call authentication frameworks. This webinar provides insight into how the Task Force was formed, the value it brings to TDM-based service providers, and how this work relates to STIR/SHAKEN. An overview of the Task Force’s work program will be provided, along with the opportunity to ask live questions.


Tom Goode
General Counsel

As General Counsel for ATIS, Thomas Goode provides legal support for the organization and its committees, forums and “Incubators,” and is also responsible for developing public policy positions in support of organization’s goals.

Tom previously worked for technology companies developing systems to provide broadband communications over powerline, including ONELINE AG. At ONELINE, Tom served as General Counsel and was in charge of developing North American operations. In this role, he managed legal, regulatory and business development activities and worked to develop partnerships with utilities in the US and abroad.

Tom has also served as Associate General Counsel with the United Telecom Council. In this role, he represented critical infrastructure industries before Congress and federal regulatory bodies. Tom helped to develop the association’s business development and global divisions, where he worked with international utilities seeking to develop new telecommunications businesses. Tom has written numerous articles on telecommunications matters and on the entrance of nontraditional players, including utilities and pipelines, into the telecommunications and information technologies markets. He has been a frequent presenter at US and international conferences on telecommunications business opportunities.

Tom has a Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Loyola College in Baltimore, Maryland.


Philip Linse
Director Public Policy, CenturyLink and
Chair, Non-IP Call Authentication Task Force

Philip Linse, Director of Public Policy represents CenturyLink in various industry standards forums, and was recently named as the Chair of ATIS’s Non-IP Call Authentication Task Force. He also Co-chairs the FCC’s North American Numbering Council’s Number Administration Oversight Working Group, Nationwide Number Portability Working Group, and serves on the Call Authentication Trust Anchor Working Group. Mr. Linse also led the development of the FCC’s Reassigned Numbers Database technical requirements. In addition, he is CenturyLink’s policy subject matter expert on robocall mitigation and the technology transformation as the result of the ongoing transition to IP technology. Mr. Linse’s background spans over 20 years in telecommunications consisting of, intercarrier and vendor contract negotiations, economic analysis and modeling, outside plant engineering & planning, and subject matter expert on network issues associated with interconnection, switching, signaling, and signaling databases. Philip holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Northern Iowa.

Jim McEachern 
Principal Technologist

Jim McEachern is an accomplished communications expert, with a strong track record of technology innovation. At ATIS, McEachern leads strategic initiatives involving communications and infrastructure providers, and focuses heavily on the convergence of hardware and software technologies to enable improved time to market and cost reductions, advanced cybersecurity frameworks for hardening networks and systems, mobile application expansion, and integration of end-user applications and analytics within national and international networks.

McEachern has 30 years of network and product planning experience covering VoIP, Service Management, SONET/SDH, high-speed access (DSL, cable, and fiber), wireless networks, fixed wireless access, operations, and data networking. He has extensive experience working with North American and international Service Providers, and played a leadership role in several key standards, including H.248, OSS through Java, and SONET. McEachern served as the MultiService Forum (MSF) President and was elected an MSF Senior Fellow in 2010.

McEachern joined ATIS in 2012, and previously worked for GENBAND and Nortel. McEachern graduated with an Honors BSc. from the Royal Military College, in Kingston Ontario, Canada.


Steve Barclay
Director Global Standards Development

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