Sana Tariq, TELUS
Carroll Gray-Preston, ATIS


VNF KPIs for Optimal Cloud Performance

VNF KPIs for Optimal Cloud Performance work will address the absence of a common industry approach towards understanding Virtual Network Functions Key Performance Indicators in the deployment of VNFs across underlying cloud infrastructure. This new ATIS initiative will deliver a better understanding of VNF KPIs to assist operators in determining the right cloud strategies for optimal VNFs performance.

The initiative launched in January 2019 has begun targeting specific VNF functions for further investigation and development. Key performance factors for selected VNFs will be evaluated towards cloud placement efficiency. This will help identify the requirements from the infrastructure and allow placement into private cloud regions, public cloud or edge regions based on specific QoS optimization policies. The evaluation is intended to result in development of informative techniques to plan VNF placement optimization.

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