Brian Daly, AT&T
Farrokh Khatibi, Qualcomm
Carroll Gray-Preston, ATIS


IoT Categorization

Burgeoning growth in the IoT ecosystem — in terms of the number of connected devices globally and in total spending on end-point devices and services — is driving a wide range of new uses and requirements on the network infrastructure. Several recent industry initiatives have examined the main features of IoT verticals to better understand the requirements posed by each. This work is instrumental in identifying design features relevant to the standardization of 5G.

Beyond examining verticals, ATIS’ work in this area is broad in scope. It is exploring the multidimensional landscape of IoT across devices, applications, subscription type and technology as well as regulatory and market drivers. A taxonomy categorizing these groups of attributes will be defined. This will then serve as the basis for identify specific network capabilities and enhancements needed to support a robust IoT network platform.

Overview of the IoT Categorization Focus Group

IOT Categorization: Exploring the Need for Standardizing Additional Network Slices (ATIS-I-0000075)