Joint ATIS/SIP Forum Technical Report – IP Interconnection Routing (ATIS-1000062)

Joint ATIS/SIP Forum Technical Report – IP Interconnection Routing (ATIS-1000062)

June 2015

Technical Report on IP Interconnection Routing Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions Approved May, 2015 Abstract: As Service Providers introduce and expand IP-based service offerings, there is increasing interest in identifying the opportunities for the industry to facilitate IP routing of Voice over IP (VoIP) traffic using E.164 addresses. The ATIS/SIP Forum IP-Network-to-Network (NNI) Task Force to ok on the initiative to develop a Technical Document and is publishing a report to describe the candidate proposa ls for circulation and comment. Recognizing that IP traffic exchange is developing as an overlay to existing Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM) interconnection and will be implemented by different service providers with varyi ng timelines, the purpose of this draft report is to:

  1. Provide an overview of in-use and proposed architectu res with the provisioning processes and calls flows to facilitate the exchange of VoIP traffic associated with IP-based services using E.164 addresses.
  2. Present comparative characteristics that may be useful in understanding the approaches.
  3. Consider how such in-use and proposed solution(s) may be adopted and/or coexist, and evolve for transition to a future integrated registry envisioned at the FCC Numbering Testbed Workshop.

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