oneM2M Signup Form

oneM2M Signup Form

Participation in oneM2M by ATIS members

ATIS members are eligible to participate in the oneM2M global initiative focused on the production of globally applicable, access-independent Technical Specifications (TSs) and Technical Reports (TRs) related to Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions, with the initial focus on the Service Layer.

As explained in the Partnership Agreement, oneM2M will prepare, approve and maintain the necessary set of TSs and TRs for:

  • Use cases and requirements for a common set of Service Layer capabilities;
  • Service Layer aspects with high level and detailed service architecture, in light of an access independent view of end-to-end services;
  • Protocols/APIs/standard objects based on this architecture (open interfaces & protocols);
  • Security and privacy aspects (authentication, encryption, integrity verification);
  • Reachability and discovery of applications;
  • Interoperability, including test and conformance specifications;
  • Collection of data for charging records (to be used for billing and statistical purposes);
  • Identification and naming of devices and applications;
  • Information models and data management (including store and subscribe/notify functionality);
  • Management aspects (including remote management of entities); and
  • Common use cases, terminal/module aspects, including Service Layer interfaces/APIs between:
    • Application and Service Layers;
    • Service Layer and communication functions.

Participation in oneM2M is permitted through:

  • Partner Type 1 – member-based organizations (such as ATIS) that have acknowledged competency in the area of the work and are willing to provide strategic direction to the Partnership and encourage its members to participate in the technical work of the Partnership as oneM2M Members.

  • Partner Type 2 – member-based organizations that have acknowledged competency in the area of the work and are willing to provide strategic direction and technical input to the Partnership, commit itself to the undertakings included in the Partnership Agreement, and participate in the technical work of the Partnership.

  • Affiliate Members – open to governmental agencies only.

  • oneM2M Members – organizations admitted through a specific Partner Type 1 that have an interest in the development and/or implementation of oneM2M TSs and TRs and have agreed to abide by the IPR Policy of the specific Partner Type 1. Members are expected to contribute to the common set of TSs and TRs and to contribute to the operation of oneM2M via their specific Partner Type 1. oneM2M Members have the right to attend (but not vote in) the meetings of the oneM2M Steering Committee; and attend, participate and vote in meetings of the Technical Plenary and its subgroups. More information on the voting rights of oneM2M Members is found in section 5.2 of the Partnership Agreement.

If you are interested in participating as a oneM2M Member via your organization’s ATIS membership, please complete the information below:

Primary Contact

Alternate Contact(s)

Alternate Contact(s)

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As a reminder, under the oneM2M Partnership Agreement, oneM2M members must agree to abide by the admitting Partner’s IPR policy in making oneM2M contributions. By agreeing to participate as a oneM2M member through ATIS, your organization therefore agrees to abide by ATIS’ IPR Policy (Section 10 of the ATIS Operating Procedures) when submitting oneM2M contributions.