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Summer 2021 Newsletter

    • ATIS’ Next G Alliance Launches Technical Work Program Setting 6G Roadmap into Action; VT-ARC Named Technical Program Office
    • Advancing Operators’ Priorities in a Quantum Computing World
    • STI-GA Enables Industry to Meet FCC Mandate for SHAKEN Adoption
    • New ATIS white papers:
      • Smart City Data Governance Policies: Creating a Foundation for Data Sharing with City Partners
      • 5G Vertical Platform Assessment Report
      • Collaborative DevSecOps in a Service Provider Environment

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Fall 2020 Newsletter

    • ATIS launches the Next G Alliance, a bold, new industry-driven initiative to establish North American global leadership in 6G and beyond.
    • The Multi-Network Enterprise Solutions initiative launches to streamline and integrate complex network environments.
    • The Secure Telephone Identity Governance Authority (STI-GA) announces its Trusting Caller ID Again Webinar Series
    • FCC Chairman Ajit Pai commends ATIS’ work on the Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) system and requests the development of best practices to further support the system. 

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Spring 2020 Newsletter

Learn about our work to:


    • Delivering a Call to Action to position the U.S. as the global 6G leader for the next decade and beyond.


    • Extending development of 5G best practices and guidelines to create supply chain standards that can be operationalized in the public and private sectors.


      • Working through the Secure Telephone Identity Governance Authority to implement STIR/SHAKEN within U.S. borders and beyond.
      • Launching a Non-IP Call Authentication Task Force to evaluate how our robocalling mitigation success can be applied to TDM traffic.

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Fall 2019 Newsletter

Learn how ATIS is:
  • Driving creation of normative standards for non-terrestrial networks, including satellite segments, a part of 5G connectivity infrastructure.
  • Extending the development of 5G best practices and guidelines to create supply chain standards that can be operationalized in the public and private sectors.
  • Developing an overview of neutral host solutions highlighting their potential to make 5G deployments more ubiquitous and cost effective, boost rural connectivity and more.
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Spring 2019

Learn how ATIS is:
  • Progressing solutions to lessen the burden of illegal robocalling on consumers;
  • Helping smart cities share data securely with other cities, federal and state government agencies, citizens and application developers;
  • Harnessing emerging blockchain and distributed ledger technology for ICT industry business imperatives;
  • Creating standards to more specifically target potentially life-saving Wireless Emergency Alerts to get them to at-risk populations;
  • Mitigating GPS vulnerabilities and more.
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Fall 2018

Learn how ATIS is:
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence to advance ICT industry objectives
  • Taking a leadership role in mitigating unwanted robocalling by serving as the Secure Telephone Identity Governance Authority
  • Delivering insight on 3GPP work to enable support for UAVs
  • Collaborating with vertical industries, including the automobile industry on connected car cybersecurity and with U.S. Ignite to accelerate and streamline Smart Cities data sharing
  • Advancing Wireless Emergency Alert standards
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