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Select search criteria(s) below to find documents. Searching by document number will provide you with the most accurate search results. Reviewing the document abstract found or using the document preview feature (not available for all documents) found on the search results page will enable you to further confirm your search results.

Review all available information before purchasing any documents, to include copyright and reproduction rights for each document.

Search Hints:

  • When using the “Document Number” field: for the best search results, use only numerics. (e.g. ATIS-1000678 – search either 678 or 1000678)
  • For former ASC T1 numbered documents: never use T1.XXX in the “Document Number” field; use only the numerics (e.g. T1.678 – search 678)
  • For former ASC T1 numbered documents using the full, former T1 number (T1.XXX): use the “Keywords” search field only (e.g., T1.678 – search T1.678)
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