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Document Name:  2004 NRSC Annual Report
Document Date:  October, 2005
Document Number:  ATIS-01000056
Document Version: 
Committee:  NRSC
Collaborating Forum(s): 
Document Type:  Other
Abstract:  This Annual Report reviews the health of the wireline telecommunications networks for the year 2004, as determined by statistical analysis of major outages reported by service providers to the FCC. This analysis is intended to advise the various stakeholders of the telecommunications industry on the network reliability results that were observed during the previous year from a very special perspective. While any individual company can analyze their own major outage events, only the NRSC brings the industry together in a non-competitive setting to objectively analyze the macro outage data for the United States wireline telecommunications industry, and when necessary, cooperatively bring to bear the industry‚Äôs resources when problems are identified. The statistical analysis techniques employed by the NRSC are objective methodologies that were developed and approved by the ANSI accredited ATIS Standards Group on Network Reliability and Performance. These techniques provide many benefits.
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Number of Pages:  41
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