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Document Name:  Unified Ordering Model – Access Service Request UOM-ASR Volume II – Analysis
Document Date:  September, 2015
Document Number:  ATIS-0410002-0027
Document Version:  27
Committee:  OBF
Collaborating Forum(s): 
Document Type:  Guidelines
Abstract:  The Unified Ordering Model (UOM) describes a complete set of system documentation using an end-to-end structured methodology. The scope of UOM encompasses business requirements, analysis, design and implementation. Logically, these components are defined within the UOM in four volumes. Volume II is an analysis of the requirements to define "what" the proposed technical resolution needs to support. It is a logical view of the proposed solution, which meets the business need, and it is not based on any particular software protocol. This document is superseded by ATIS-0410002-0028, released March 2016.
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