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Document Name:  Next Generation Networks Part III-Gap Analysis
Document Date:  May, 2006
Document Number:  ATIS-I-0000012
Document Version: 
Committee:  ATIS TOPS Council
Collaborating Forum(s): 
Document Type:  Other
Abstract:  This document has been prepared by the ATIS Next Generation Networks Focus Group (NGN-FG) as the third part in a series of documents intended to identify the requirements, objectives, and priorities for the NGN from the perspective of ATIS member companies, and the identification and creation of standards for a global NGN.This document builds upon the previous documents, in particular the requirements identified in Part I and enablers identified in Part II, to identify standards activities and assess the potential impacts of NGN across other priority issues specified by the ATIS Technology and Operations (TOPS) Council. Through a bottom-up assessment of NGN service enablers, based on company focus, resources, and standards activities, an assessment of the progress of NGN standards development is provided. Where gaps are identified, additional issues are proposed.
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