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Document Name:  NRSC 9-1-1 CAMA Trunk Throughput Optimization Analysis
Document Date:  November, 2011
Document Number:  ATIS-0100034
Document Version: 
Committee:  NRSC
Collaborating Forum(s): 
Document Type:  Standard
Abstract:  This paper addresses the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions' (ATIS) Network Reliability Steering Committee’s (NRSC’s) review of Centralized Automatic Message Accounting (CAMA) trunks used in some 9-1-1 configurations. As part of this review, incidents of high call volume and the current 9-1-1 architecture were reviewed. This report provides the industry with recommendations to assist in mitigating these types of incidents in the future; as well as, to maximize 9-1-1 call throughput to PSAPs during high call volume conditions.
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