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Document Name:  Mulitple Exchange Carrier Access Billing (MECAB) 10
Document Date:  September, 2010
Document Number:  ATIS-0401004-0010
Document Version:  Issue 10
Committee:  OBF
Collaborating Forum(s): 
Document Type:  Guidelines
Abstract:  The Multiple Exchange Carrier Access Billing (MECAB) document contains the recommended guidelines for the billing of access services provided to a customer by two or more providers or by one provider in two or more states within a single LATA. These guidelines apply to Usage-Sensitive Access (which may include subscribed toll), Flat-Rated Access and may include intraLATA non-subscribed toll and local services. Examples of Usage-Sensitive Acess are Feature Group B (FGB); Feature Group C (FGC); Feature Group D (FGD); trunk side connections (e.g., BSA) and Directory Assistance (DA) Transport, and may include intraLATA non-subscribed toll and local services. Examples of Flat-Rate Access are WATS Access Lines (WALs), Dedicated Access Lines (DALs), Hicap, two-point, multi-point services, and direct transport for Feature Groups B, C, and D. The MECAB document also address the billing of jointly provided Feature Group A (FGA) line side BSA services. These guidelines were developed in the Billing Committee of the Ordering and Billing Forum.
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Number of Pages:  130
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