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Document Name:  Supplemental Document for Fax Transmissions for Wireless Intercarrier Communications Interface Specification (WICIS) for Local Number Portability
Document Date:  December, 2009
Document Number:  ATIS-0409002-0200
Document Version:  Version 2.0.0
Committee:  OBF
Collaborating Forum(s): 
Document Type:  Guidelines
Abstract:  This supplemental document contains information and requirements regarding the use of a fax to complete the Intercarrier Communications Process between wireless service providers. While it is preferred that wireless providers use an electronic interface, it is understood that there are some providers who do not have that capability and also that some may rely on faxing as a back-up. The complete wireless local number portability process is documented in WICIS Volumes 1-4. WICIS Fax Version 2.0.0 was updated to coincide with changes made to WICIS 5.0.0 relative to FCC Order 09-41.
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