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The ATIS Document Center is your leading resource for technical operations standards for the global ICT industry that are produced by ATIS Committees and Forums.

Featured ATIS Standard

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ATIS-0600336.2015, Design Requirements for Universal Cabinets and Framework (Paper Copy $220.00; Electronic Download $175.00)

About: This standard, when used with established sheet metal manufacturing practices, sets forth the dimensional parameters, performance requirements, and acceptance criteria for the manufacture and availability of equipment frames for housing electronic equipment as used in communications networks. These frames are intended to be installed in communication carrier spaces. The cabinets and framework described will be designed to common dimensional footprints, have greater performance for handling larger, heavier equipment and dimensional parameters that may be used for designing future communications equipment. The cabinets and framework described are to be available as general-purpose products for use by those electronic equipment manufacturers and service providers that do not design and manufacture their own proprietary cabinets and framework.

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