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Please be aware that Tthe ATIS Document Center will be retired in the coming weeks. Below is information on how to obtain member and non-member access to ATIS deliverables.

NOTICE - Payment Processing System Undergoing Maintenance

Credit card payments are currently disabled on the ATIS Document Center. During this time, members will still be able to download electronic copies of all documents that do not require payment; but for all other orders please use the Credit Card Authorization Form. Any questions can be sent to or 1-866-263-0064.

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  1. Log into your ATIS Workspace account.
  2. Search for a document or visit the "Publications" folder in the appropriate committee.
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  1. Visit our Techstreet store.

For public documents, please visit ATIS' public documents site.

Featured ATIS Standard

ATIS-0600003.2018, Battery Enclosure and Rooms/Areas

About: The purpose of this standard is to develop industry-wide requirements including methods and procedures for the control of battery room and enclosure environments. This includes adequate ventilation of battery-generated gases, the dissipation of battery-generated heat, the control of room and enclosure temperature, the management of battery electrolyte spills, and – in general – the control of any contaminates within the battery room or enclosure.

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