SYNC: Synchronization Committee


Lee Cosart, Microchip

Vice Chair
Michael Calabro, Booz Allen Hamilton

SYNC: Synchronization Committee

SYNC develops and recommends standards and solutions related to telecommunications network technology pertaining to network synchronization. This includes those functions and characteristics necessary to define and establish:

  • Synchronization between networks and areas concerned with network time/phase/frequency characteristics that require theoretical, analytical and empirical investigations to ensure that solutions meet the highest norms of technical integrity and completeness; and
  • Interconnection of signals comprising network transport, including aspects of both asynchronous and synchronous networks.


  • SYNC is examining GPS vulnerability and methods of GPS backup for time and frequency synchronization.


The ATIS SYNC Service Provider (SSP) Group is as a forum for service providers to exchange information and to discuss technical issues when applying timing and synchronization standards across various technologies with a view to promoting interoperability. If desired, the SSP Group may communicate agreed upon technical issues to ATIS SYNC for further study and consideration. Learn more.

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