Cisco 5G Vision Series: Laying the Foundation for New Technologies, Use Cases, and Business Models

Cisco, April 2016

The fifth generation (5G) of mobile networking standards is in the early stages of development. Cisco is actively engaged in defining its requirements and leading engagements to address how 4G LTE networks will gracefully evolve to 5G by 2020. This white paper describes the primary drivers for the creation of 5G, the technologies proposed by the industry for inclusion in 5G standards, and the expected timeline for 5G completion and rollout. Also included are an overview of Cisco’s vision for 5G technologies and examples of Cisco engagements meant to evolve current 2G/3G/4G mobile networks based on the new 5G technologies across the RAN, the mobile core, and the next-generation Internet. Other papers in this series go into greater detail about RAN evolution, mobile core evolution, and the next-generation Internet evolution in the context of 5G standards.

ATIS — A Critical Force in Shaping 5G to Meet Service Providers’ Market Needs

ATIS, March 2016

From the development of an overarching vision to the delivery of specific requirements, ATIS plays a pivotal role in the communications industry’s advancement of the concept, objectives and capabilities for 5G systems. In 2015, ATIS produced the white paper "5G Reimagined: A North American Perspective," which defines a vision of 5G incorporating both incremental and innovative aspects of the 5G network—how 5G will evolve from the current network and what its potential will be. Both incremental and innovative perspectives are crucially important in terms of positioning network operators to leverage 5G to advance their business models. In 2016, ATIS is fast-tracking its work to develop detailed 5G specifications. ATIS is defining the industry requirements that will direct 5G's eventual technical capabilities and provide the basis for all subsequent 5G standardization. How will the new 5G radio access technologies work? How will the 5G transition take place? What will Quality of Experience mean in a future in which communications technology is even more deeply embedded into the social fabric than it is today? This briefing provides insight into these questions, and covers some of the areas in which ATIS is working to ensure 5G’s success.

5G Reimagined: A North American Perspective

ATIS, November 2015

The scope of this white paper is to understand, define, and advance North American requirements for 5G. It describes use cases which show, from a North American perspective, possible scenarios for 5G networks. These use cases include both commonly recognized baseline requirements and also more disruptive service examples representing a more challenging conception of aspects of 5G. The scope of the use cases is not limited to just the narrowly defined mobile network. Many of these cases include interactions with other elements, including some not normally standardized, such as content provider applications/ networks, operational systems within a carrier network and traffic scheduling and steering algorithms. Based on the documented use cases, the white paper identifies unique characteristics of the North American network and regulatory requirements. Although the focus is on North American requirements, these are considered in a global context to leverage synergies wherever possible, and to identify new requirements only where necessary.