Distributed Ledger Technology


While still in exploratory and developmental phases, Distributed Ledger or “Blockchain” Technology has the potential to impact the ICT industry by delivering new decentralized data management frameworks that can be applied to an innovative range of uses. ATIS’ Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Initiative is examining DLT’s role in enabling new business models and revenue streams governed through use of smart contracts.

By identifying practical examples of applications that can benefit from the technology, ATIS is assessing whether a distributed ledger is appropriate for a given use case. The work seeks to fully understand the required trust assumptions, application requirements, involved parties, and technical characteristics such as throughput and latency. It is also considering the establishment of clear rules for governance; how operations on the ledger relate to the broader regulatory environment; and how to maintain integrity, security, and privacy of data stored on a smart ledger.


Carroll Gray-Preston, ATIS