Smart Cities


Smart City planners and decision-makers are investing in a broad range of data management platform via partnerships with industry solution-providers and start-ups. ATIS recently made a major contribution toward advancing this work by developing a Data Sharing Framework for Smart Cities, building on the success of its Smart Cities Technology Roadmap published in 2017

The ATIS Framework recommends an evolutionary path from current data management solutions to a data exchange — and ultimately to a data marketplace. The upcoming report establishes a blueprint for a data-centric approach by cities and identifies the architectural framework and critical components for each stage of this evolution. Increasing cities’ confidence and investment in their data sharing potential will not only deliver great value to our cities, but also create new opportunities for ATIS members.

ATIS is now advancing dialogue with city officials seeking opportunities to promote the new data sharing strategy as part of their long-term Smart Cities’ strategies.


Mike Nawrocki, ATIS