SMS/800 Number Administration Committee

SNAC resolves issues impacting existing toll free products and services and evolving technologies affecting the future of the toll free industry. SNAC is made up of members representing providers and users of the 800 Service Management System (SMS/800). It provides recommendations to the owner/manager of the SMS/800 regarding design and management issues that have a direct effect on the system users. SNAC maintains the Industry Guidelines for Toll Free Number Administration, and is a leader in developing standards and procedures for the interaction between Resp Orgs, Customers, and Service Providers.

SNAC is working an Issue to eliminate the misuse of CIC 0110. CIC 0110 was originally allocated so Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) can manage intraLATA Toll Free traffic terminating on their networks. To use the code, a LEC must own the line of the terminating location. Due to mergers and acquisitions, it is felt that the need for CIC 0110 has outlived its usefulness. More information about this Issue can be found here: SNAC Issue 3437.

**NOTE: SNAC Issue 3437 and the Suggested Solution are subject to change by consensus of the committee.


David Greenhaus, 800 Response Information Services