Time and Money 2020

An ATIS Workshop on Distributed Ledger Technologies and Timing

January 28, 2020 | New York Stock Exchange

Learn from the experts about the critical role of timing and synchronization in enabling security and authentication within a distributed ledger technology environment.

Developing 5G Supply Chain Standards for Assured Commercial 5G Networks

A new ATIS working group is extending the development of 5G best practices and guidelines for the purpose of creating supply chain standards that can be operationalized in the public and private sectors. MORE

Innovative Uses for DLT

ATIS is working to better understand how DLT can address the real-world challenges today's ICT industry faces. ATIS' Enterprise Identity Network solution uses DLT to enable end-to-end enterprise call authentication. A new video explains how. MORE

A Better Understanding of the IoT from a Network Perspective

Growth in the IoT ecosystem is driving new requirements on network infrastructure. An ATIS report examines network slicing, one way to help network operators more efficiently enable the services of a diverse range of vertical applications. Access IoT Categorization: Exploring the Need for Standardizing Additional Network Slices.

IoT Cybersecurity

ATIS is a member of the Council to Secure the Digital Economy which recently released two major cybersecurity reports to deliver sustainable solutions to major cyber threats facing consumers, businesses and governments. They focus on security capabilities for IoT devices and strategies for cyber crisis response. MORE

Advancing Economic Development Through Smart Cities Innovation

ATIS and US Ignite are in the software design phase of building a new economic development tool for smart communities, as part of our joint Smart Cities Data Exchange initiative. The aim is to give communities the ability to see development potential in their neighborhoods. MORE

Use of Cellular Communications to Support Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Flight Operations

ATIS' latest report addresses the use of cellular communications to address UAV flight operations in the areas of the Command and Control C2 interface, UAV Traffic Management, Remote UAV Identification, as well as Detect and Avoid. MORE

5G Standards Developments in Release 15 and Beyond: An ATIS/3GPP Webinar

3GPP delivered the first complete set of 3GPP standards for 5G in Release 15 and is further enhancing 5G in Release 16. Plans for Release 17 are also underway. This ATIS/3GPP webinar recaps the Release 15 content and provides an up-to-date view of 3GPP's work with a particular focus on how it is expanding 5G capabilities and enhancing the mobile system's technical performance. MORE

Neutral Host Solutions to Advance 5G Deployments -- and More!

ATIS' latest report on Neutral Host Solutions advances solutions for the economic deployment of dense 5G as well as traditional small cells to provide enhanced cellular capacity and coverage in shared spaces. Innovations presented can help service providers avoid the high cost and complex arrangements needed to deliver 5G capacity in places as varied as metropolitan areas, enterprises, campuses, shopping malls, entertainment venues -- and potentially boost 5G coverage in rural areas. MORE

Wireless Emergency Alerts Innovation

ATIS innovation is helping to set version 3.0 of the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) system into action. Among other enhancements, WEA 3.0 will deliver potentially life-saving messages in a more precise geographic range. The goal is to target at-risk populations while minimizing disruption to others. Access the ATIS webinar Delivering Targeted Alerts - Advancing the Wireless Emergency Alerts 3.0 System on demand.

Advancing Solutions to Mitigate Illegal Robocalling

The Secure Telephone Identity Governance Authority (STI-GA), operating under the auspices of ATIS, announced the selection of iconectiv as the U.S. STI Policy Administrator (STI-PA), a critical role in industry efforts to mitigate illegal robocalling. MORE

ATIS Delivers Cybersecurity Risk Assessment for IoT Applications and Services

ATIS' work in the IoT space is accelerating! Our Architectural Risk Analysis for Internet of Things (IoT) Services provides the fundamentals needed to perform risk assessments for IoT applications and services. It helps IoT architects, planners and app designers understand the risks their product or service faces so that they can address them in a direct and quantifiable way. The goal to protect IoT services and assets from attack and from maliciously being turned into a source of attack on other users. MORE

ATIS Harnesses the Power of AI for the ICT Industry

A new report, Evolution to an Artificial Intelligence Enabled Network, addresses how the power of increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning can be leveraged to address some of the ICT industry's leading challenges. MORE

Harnessing Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology to Advance ICT Business Priorities

Distributed ledger and blockchain applications are ripe for advancing innovation in the telecommunications industry. A new ATIS blog post shows how ATIS is working to understand where they will offer the greatest opportunity. MORE

Connected Vehicle Cybersecurity

As the connected vehicle market accelerates, the network reaches into new frontiers to provide connectivity and data collection. To advance this transformation, the new ATIS report Improving Cybersecurity in Connected Vehicles: ICT Industry Experience and Perspectives addresses collaboration between the ICT industry and vehicle original equipment manufacturers to secure the car and block cyberattacks or malware events. MORE

Recent Changes to U.S. Export Regs Apply to ATIS Members

The U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security recently issued a General Advisory Opinion regarding "the disclosure of technology or software subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) between and among members of standards setting or development groups or bodies." Certain ATIS materials are not subject to the EAR because they are available to the public. However, the new regulations apply to ATIS' technical activities that take place in the development of ATIS deliverables. Access ATIS' statement on the EAR.

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