ATIS Launches the Next G Alliance

Building the foundation for North American leadership in 6G and beyond

In a rapidly changing industry, innovation needs a home.

ATIS is where companies in the ICT industry come together to address common, critical priorities.

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ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller quoted on the need for a collaborative North American #6G roadmap in this
@AnnaAkins17 @SPGMarketIntel article, 6G wireless: What it is and when it's coming

ATIS' Workshop on #Sync and #Timing Systems covers Time-Sensitive Everything for #5G and Connected Industries: #Telecom, #ElectricPower #SmartCities, #FinancialServices, #DataCenters; #Security, as well as Resilience and Timing Sources. Mar. 30 - Apr. 1

ATIS' Workshop on Synchronization and Timing Systems takes place March 30, 31 and April 1. Keynote speakers from @Ericsson @NASA & Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation (@GPSBackup) make it a must-attend event for expanding sync and timing knowledge:

International Partnerships

ATIS is a founding partner of and supports North American leadership in these global initiatives.


PEG: Protection Engineers Group
Virtual Webinar Series
Feb. 10, 17 & 24, 2021
Virtual Workshop
March 30, 31 & 1, 2021
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