ATIS Launches the Next G Alliance

Building the foundation for North American leadership in 6G and beyond

In a rapidly changing industry, innovation needs a home.

ATIS is where companies in the ICT industry come together to address common, critical priorities.

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Access highlights of ATIS' #WSTS2021 by Jon Baldry @Infinera to explore the complexity of #synchronization and #timing systems and how innovation in these areas advance #5G #mobilenetworks as well as networks to support a growing range of other industries

Today's keynote at the Workshop on #Sync & #Timing Systems #WSTS2021: Deep Space Atomic Clock: A Tech Demonstration Mission by Marc Weiss, Time & Frequency Expert Consultant and Robert Tjoelker, Frequency & Timing System Engineer, Deep Space Network, NASA

Interested in split-second financial transactions? Learn how timing and sync innovation affects #financialservices, #fintech and #datacenters. Attend @atisupdates #WSTS2021 - the Workshop on #Synchronization and #Timing Systems today @ 12:00 – 5:00 p.m. ET

International Partnerships

ATIS is a founding partner of and supports North American leadership in these global initiatives.