The 24th Annual NIST-ATIS Synchronization Workshop

March 9 - 12, 2015
San Josè, California



The NIST-ATIS Workshop on Synchronization in Telecommunication Systems (WSTS) is the premier North American event focused on state-of-the-art clock synchronization issues. With a steering group of 25 leading international experts, the workshop provides in-depth coverage of industry-critical issues while maintaining product and company neutrality.


Time and frequency synchronization are critical enablers of next generation communications systems as well as the Internet of Things. The NIST-ATIS workshop highlights both developing sync requirements and deployment strategies for new sync systems and standards. This makes WSTS your primary source for information about the effects of evolving synchronization systems on network operators and equipment manufacturers.


Call for Technical Papers

WSTS comprehensively covers the applications that depend on time and sync as well as solutions to the most pressing problems being encountered with these. It will address solutions currently being deployed, those upcoming in the near future, and innovations that take a longer-term view.

The Workshop program will be organized across the three days as follows:

Day One: Out Now

  • Applications that need time:  Why are we here?
  • Existing solutions and limitation


Day Two: Coming Soon

  • Unsolved timing needs
  • Timing mitigation options


Day Three: In the Future

  • Developing Standards—futuristic standards
  • Emerging Topics

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New for 2015
Call for Technical Demonstrations

Hardware demonstrations of synchronization equipment and methods will be invited from the exhibitors.  These are meant to illustrate principles, such as real world connection issues and examples of the effects of noisy networks and asymmetry on 1588 timing streams, and are not meant as product promotions.

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