Technology Demonstrations

April 3 - 6, 2017
San Jose, CA
DoubleTree San Jose

Position your brand to stand out

Showcase your company's technology at WSTS 2017!

Fee: $3,000

Demo Package Contact: Lois Rude, ATIS

Technical Contact: Pat Diamond, Product Demo Chair

Technology demos allow your company to:

  • Display your company‚Äôs technology solution in the WSTS Demo area (location of the networking breaks).
  • Have the opportunity to connect to fully functional 1588 aware packet network, provided by Windstream, allowing you to deliver a further layer of depth and real-world aspect to your demonstration.

Proposed Demo Ideas:

  • Impact of asymmetry in a network e.g. from cabling, equipment, etc.
  • Impact of network asymmetry and network noise from a T-BC and/or T-TC
  • Lock an external oscillator to a master through a noisy network
  • The slave oscillator could be Qu or even a MEMs
  • The master could be atomic (Cs. or Rb.), GPS, Qu, etc.
  • The network noise could vary, simulating the effect of traffic changing with time
  • Show how easy it is to start with nothing and hook up a master, a switch and a slave and have it come up working

Demo Package Includes:

  • Opportunity to present one company demo during dedicated time period
  • Opportunity to connect to simulated network provided by Windstream
  • Company logo with link and 75 word listing on workshop website
  • Company logo featured in on-site workshop program
  • Company logo featured on workshop on-site signage
  • Two (2) six foot display tables and two (2) chairs in exhibit hall
  • Two (2) complimentary full workshop passes (passes cannot be shared)
  • Electricity
  • All demonstration proposals must be submitted to the WSTS Steering Committee for approval