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Background Information

Accurate time synchronization is an essential driving force in the success of today’s most commonly used technologies. Effective “sync” is imperative for the operation of mobile wireless systems. LTE, driven by the demands of significantly greater spectral efficiency and the migration to small cells, is particularly sync-dependent. Next-generation E911 networks now have new, more stringent requirements for time synchronization. And greater awareness is developing of GPS and GNSS vulnerability to intentional and unintentional interference. Today’s networks face challenges as they support both existing and emerging services that have a variety of sync needs: time, frequency and phase synchronization. Add to the mix that new standards for time synchronization are being developed in the ATIS, ITU, IEEE, IETF and other standards bodies.


The 25th Annual Workshop on Synchronization and Timing Systems (WSTS), sponsored by NIST and ATIS, is a vendor-neutral technology workshop that will address evolving sync requirements, as well as the roll-out of new sync systems and standards, and how this affects network operators and equipment manufacturers.


The WSTS is managed by a Steering Committee composed of synchronization experts representing a cross section of users, manufacturers and professionals associated with telecommunication network synchronization. The Committee sets the strategic priorities for the event and defines the main topics to be addressed each year.


WSTS and its sister conference in Europe, Time and Sync in Telecoms (ITSF), represent a global alliance of pre-eminent experts in synchronization for telecom and related applications. Many of these experts participate on the steering committee of both conferences, and various standards bodies including ATIS, ITU, IEEE and IETF.


WSTS Steering Committee

General Chair:

Marc Weiss, Ph.D. Mathematical Physics, Time and Frequency Division, NIST


Technical Program Co-Chairs:

Silvana Rodrigues, Director of System Engineering, IDT

Kishan Shenoi, CTO, Qulsar


IEEE Communications Society Liaison, TAOS TC:

Professor Stefano Bregni, Polytechnic of Milan


Product Demo Chair:

Pat Diamond, Principal, Diamond Consulting



Allan Armstrong, Executive Director, Marketing & Applications Engineering, Epson

Ken Biholar, Director - North American Standards, Nokia

Mary Carbin, Business Development Manager, Rakon UK Limited

Tommy Cook, CEO, Calnex

Lee Cosart, Senior Technologist, Microsemi

Professor Charles Curry, BEng, CEng, FIET, Managing Director, Chronos Technology Ltd., UK

Mike Gilson, Lead Technology Consultant, British Telecom

Lloyd Green, Marketing Director, IEEE-SA (IEEE Conformity Assessment Program)

Anurag Gupta, President, AGII Technologies

Ken Hann, Senior Director R&D, Oscilloquartz

Donna Kurt, Retired Senior Technical Specialist, Transport Core,
Timing and Time, MTS Inc.

Lauren Layman, Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations, ATIS

Michael Mayer, Senior Staff Engineer, Huawei

Bill Powell, Systems Architect, Fixed Access, Nokia

Stefano Ruffini, R&D Expert, Ericsson

Sam Sambasivan, Principal Member of the Technical Staff, AT&T

Ravi Subrahmanyan, Director of Systems Integration, Invisage Technologies

Adam Wertheimer, Systems Architect, Microsemi




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