June 18-21, 2018
San Jose, CA
DoubleTree San Jose


Environmental stability is becoming increasingly important for frequency references. Outdoor equipment can be subjected to drafts caused by wind and component performance can be affected by cooling fans turning on and off.

Oscillator stability under airflow varies greatly from design to design. We will demonstrate a simple and inexpensive tabletop method of measuring stability under airflow.

Since 1988, GuideTech has been the leading innovator of TIA and CTIA Continuous Time Interval Analyzer and high-precision frequency counter instruments, delivering superior performance at over a thousand installations worldwide.

GuideTech's high performance Computer-based Time & Frequency Instruments, GT210 TIC and GT668 CTIA are available in PCI, PCIe, PXI and PXIe bus and can scale-up to 34 channels in one PXI/PXIe chassis.

GuideTech’s Femto Family of multi-channel measurement products are the fastest direct timing analysis systems available with distributed CTIA architecture. Our products are quickly becoming the de facto standard on ATE platforms around the world due to their ability to dramatically reduce test time while improving the quality of critical timing tests in ATE and other critical, high-precision environments.

Rakon is a world leading, high-tech company that designs and manufactures advanced frequency control and timing solutions including: crystals, oscillators, filters and solutions optimised for extreme performance. Leveraging decades of deep application expertise, Rakon delivered the world’s first GPS TCXO, stratum 3 TCXO and small cell TCXO. Investment in cutting-edge development continues to deliver disruptive product technology. Rakon revolutionised the OCXO industry with its break-through Mercury™ technology and pioneered the first IC-based OCXO which enables unparalleled stability, phase noise, size, power consumption and reliability. Rakon has oscillator solutions characterised specifically for packet based timing (IEEE 1588v2), including profiles for telecom, power, industrial ethernet and enterprise applications. Its high stability ‘Smart’ OCXO range powers very long term holdover for LTE-A and LTE-TDD requirements. The company’s global manufacturing footprint enables rapid and economical delivery with local support from 11 offices worldwide. Learn more at www.rakon.com.