April 5 - 7, 2016

CenturyLink Headquarters
100 CenturyLink Drive
Monroe, Louisiana 71203

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Power Fault & Lightning Compliance Engineer

tim Ardley

Tim Ardley is a PFL Compliance Engineer at Adtran. Previously, he was employed by Bourns Inc as the global reference design Manager and telecom Field Applications Engineer. Tim has also worked for Fairchild Semiconductor and Texas Instruments in the UK where he also earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Luton University in England.

Senior Engineer - Electrical Protection
Network Reliability Operations Center (NROC)

Daniel Ashton

Dan Ashton has been employed by Centurylink (Qwest, US West, Mountain Bell, Illinois Bell) for 28+ years, and is currently the Senior Engineer - Electrical Protection for CenturyLink's Network Reliability Operations Center (NROC).


Dan began working for CenturyLink in 1991 and spent seven years as cable and digital loop carrier repair in Taos, New Mexico responsible for all: noise mitigation work; and all repairs and maintenance work on DLC remote equipment including proper grounding, TVSS maintenance and MLT maintenance.


Dan spent the next seven years as state wide (NM) technical support working on power influence/ noise mitigation, high voltage protection, grounding/ bonding, chronic DLC repairs, MLT maintenance and chronic DS0, DS1, and DS3 repairs. He also headed a multiyear field trial of Lightning Protection/AC Isolation technology in NM for remote digital loop carrier protection. The following two years Dan was state wide (NM) technical support working on DSL remote equipment including training Centurylink (Qwest) personal on test and turn up practices.


In July 2009, Dan was promoted to Lead Technical Support Engineer responsible for high voltage protection, power influence and noise mitigation and ground bonding practices in four “classic Qwest” states.


Since Centurylink purchase of Qwest, Dan has been involved with high voltage protection in a number of “classic” Centurylink states from Florida to New Jersey. Dan has also been part of several committees rewriting grounding, high voltage protection and noise mitigation practices for the combined company’s. He has worked in the field extensively with tier II technical support on noise mitigation issues in both wind farms and stand alone wind turbine generator sites. Dan also rewrote CenturyLink’s Tech Pub 77321 High Voltage Protection which is now published on the CenturyLink Tech Pub web site.

Assistant Professor
University of Alabama Huntsville

Dr. Phillip Bitzer

Phillip is currently an assistant professor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville in Atmospheric Science. His primary topic of research is lightning, particularly lightning instrumentation and physics. He is a member of the Lightning Imaging Sensor and Geostationary Lightning Mapper Science Teams, two instruments designed to detect lightning from space.

Phillip holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Physics from Loyola University of New Orleans, where he also played baseball. He has a Master’s of Science and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Physics from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. His dissertation was titled “New revelations on lightning initiation and evolution using a newly developed array of wideband electric field sensors.”

He has been married for 10 years to his wife Christy. The couple welcomed their first son in January 2015. 

Senior Analyst

Trevor Bowmer, Ph.D.

Trevor Bowmer has over 30 years experience analyzing telecommunications networks and products. His current work in Telcordia includes technology assessments, product analysis, reliability studies, and material reviews of environmental and functional performance concerns of network products and components. His technical expertise is based on a broad understanding of material requirements for telecommunications products and the correlation between field conditions and product performance demands. His experience includes assignments across North America and in the Middle East. His recent work has concentrated around developing generic requirement documents for equipment and hardware in the telecommunications plant, as well as authoring the Construction Blue Book, and consulting to governmental agencies on the issue of power interdependencies between the telecom and electric power networks. Trevor is currently a member of National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) technical subcommittees covering grounding/bonding, aerial clearances, underground/buried plant and work rules issues as well as representing the communications industry on NEC Panels for grounding and communications articles.

National Program Manager
Copper Development Association, Inc.

David Brender

David Brender is National Program Manager for the Copper Development Association. His duties involve directing and managing their Power Quality Initiatives, building wire program, telecommunications wire, research activities, and National Electrical Code work, among others.

Dave has spoken on power quality issues numerous times and authored several articles and electronic media on power quality subjects including lightning protection and grounding. He is a principal member of Panel 5 of the National Electrical Code, and directs the copper industry participation on four additional panels.

Dave holds a BEEE fromf New York University and an MBA degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He is a Senior Life Member of the IEEE, and a life member of the Association of Energy Engineers.

He is a licensed Professional Engineer in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Independent Consultant

William Bush

William Bush is an independent consultant with many years of progressive experience in electrical protection, grounding, power quality and electromagnetic compatibility. Mr. Bush is an iNARTE certified Master EMC Design Engineer and an LPI Certified Lightning Protection System Designer. He holds a BGS from Indiana University, an MBA from Duke University and a Power Systems Certificate from Georgia Tech. He works across several industry sectors including telecom, power, data, instrumentation and control. He is an active member of several IEEE standards committees including SPDC, IAS and EMCS. He has contributed to numerous trade industry standards such as ATIS, TIA and BICSI and has presented at several past PEG conferences. He previously held leading positions at major companies including Contel (now Verizon), Northern Telecom and Panduit Corp.

Senior Applications Engineer
DEHN, Inc.

Richard Chadwick

Richard Chadwick is Senior Applications Engineer for DEHN-USA. He began his career in surge protection in 1979, holding positions with Joslyn Electronic Systems, AC Data Systems, and Raycap prior to accepting his current position with DEHN. Over the years, his responsibilities have included all facets of design, manufacturing, and application of surge protectors.

Richard’s broad experience in the field of lightning and surge protection spans Telecommunications, Industrial, Municipal, and Military applications. Early in his career, he participated in the design of new generations of telephone surge protectors now in wide use throughout North America and Europe. Working with the military, he has specified lightning and NEMP (nuclear electromagnetic pulse) protection for munitions bunkers and battlefield communications shelters. Richard has specified surge protection components for petrochemical facilities, process industries, and public works facilities throughout the country. More recently, Richard has worked with major wireless service providers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico on the design, specification and application of protection for remote radio heads (RRH). With 35 years of hands-on experience, Richard’s career has spanned all aspects of surge protection.

Richard has lectured on surge protection in 17 countries throughout the world. He is past chair and lifetime advisory board member of the Protection Engineers Group (ATIS.org/PEG). Richard holds a Bachelor of Science degree Physics from the University of California, and studied surge protection and grounding at Bellcore Tech.

Senior Engineer - Electrical Protection

Robert (Lurch) Farley)

Robert has been employed with CenturyLink (US West, Qwest) for 15 plus years. During that time Robert has worked as a Cable Maintenance Technician and Customer Data Technician. During his time as a technician Robert was the SME for 11years in the state of Minnesota for power influence and noise mitigation. 5 years as a SME for high voltage protection working closely with Tier III technical support regarding high voltage issues.

Robert is now responsible for Tier III technical support for Electrical Protection in the Midwest region. Robert’s responsibilities include high voltage protection, bonding/grounding, noise mitigation, safety and training. Additional responsibilities include participation in process, training and technical publication reviews and rewrites for CenturyLink and national standards, such as NEC and NESC change proposal reviews.

Infrastructure Planning and Optimization, AT&T

John Fuller

John Fuller is a Principal Engineer in the AT&T Infrastructure Planning and Optimization organization, with responsibilities including electromagnetic compatibility, high voltage, and other aspects of electrical protection. John’s 29 years in AT&T, BellSouth, and South Central Bell include a combined nineteen years' experience with policy and standards development, network and customer equipment protection, performance, and service issues, field and laboratory testing & analysis for product evaluation and development, and High Voltage Protection engineering. Job functions have also included Inductive Coordination and Electrical Protection (ICEP) Engineering, telecommunications circuit design, Traffic and Switching Equipment Engineering, and Regional Technical Support for various ATM, DSL, and FITL platforms.

John is a registered Professional Engineer with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University.


Ernie Gallo

Ernie Gallo is Telcordia’s Project Manager for Product Development in the area of network integrity solutions addressing the physical layer of the networks providing voice, video, and data telecommunications service. Ernie provides strong technical contributions in the areas of reliability of outside plant equipment, electrical protection and safety, cost reduction. Ernie is now leading Telcordia’s DSL Operational Readiness, and Deployment Support Solutions Group. As an acknowledged industry expert in the area of electrical protection Ernie has served as a working group chairman of the IEEE Surge Protective Device Committee. In 1993 one working group that Ernie is a member of won the IEEE Award for best standard. Ernie has published many articles and papers on electrical protection and outside plant equipment and regularly gives presentations on emerging issues. Ernie also serves as a working group member for the SCTE in Home Practice Sub-committee. As a board member of the ATIS Protection Engineers Group Ernie has helped transform the group from focusing just on telephony to including other telecommunications providers. Ernie is also on the editorial board of Power Quality Magazine. Ernie has published several articles on DSL Deployment issues in Outside Plant Magazine, as well as being a featured speaker on every year from 1999 to 2012 Outside Plant Show, Provided Verizon Symposium Training to 650 Verizon Staff. ATIS Award for Leadership in Standards Development for his vision and leadership over the past 12 months, that have resulted in increased support for ATIS standards, and the larger recognition of ATIS’ committee work within the ICT industry. Ernie serves as Chair in the Sustainability in Telecom: Energy and Protection Committee’s Network Electrical Protection (NEP) Subcommittee and the Protection Engineers Group (PEG). Working group member of the NFPA National Electrical Code Technical Correlating Committee.

Director, Industry Standards & Technology Analysis, Office of the CTO,

Richard Goodson is the Director of Industry Standards and Technology Analysis in the CTO office at ADTRAN. He has over 30 years of advanced communication technology experience, from spread spectrum radios to xDSL to PON. Richard holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from The University of Alabama. He participates in the Broadband Forum and ITU-T standards bodies. He has been at ADTRAN since 1995.

Director of Applications Engineering
Transtector Systems, Inc.

Mark Hendricks

The Author Mark Hendricks currently serves as the Director of Applications Engineering with Transtector/Smiths Power and has presented at PEG February 2007 “Broadband Radio Installation Guidelines”, and is published with Intelec 2001 “Transient Voltage Surge Propagation in DC Power plants”. Mark participates with IEC and IEEE SPD standards and industry best practice working groups. Mark holds a BSEE from Drexel University and has 30 years industrial controls and product design experience.

Director, Research & Technology Development, Office of the CTO,

Dan Joffe has been working in telecommunications for 37 years, and has 43 patents. He began his career at Bell Labs designing carrier system electronics, later becoming the supervisor of the protection apparatus design group. Around the time of divestiture, he left Bell Labs, becoming the fifth member of Integrated Network Corporation, where he worked 10 years before coming to Adtran. He has been at Adtran for 20 years, specializing in physical layer design of data communications systems, most recently optical data communications.

Product Develpment

Philip Jones

Phil Jones joined Telecom Australia as an engineer in 1984 where he worked on various aspects of telecommunications including exchange installation, network management, planning, and technical support for electronic telephone exchanges, including being responsible for the successful integration of new technologies and facilities into the Tasmanian network.

He then joined Critec Pty Ltd in 1989, where he worked in Product Development, with a special emphasis on Telecommunications Protectors, and was an active member of the Australian Standards committee for Overvoltage Protection of Telecommunications Equipment.

After the acquisition of Critec by ERICO, he moved to the USA in 1997 as Engineering Manager of ERICO’s electrical business, where he managed the design of lightning protection, surge protection, and grounding products, and the provision of application engineering services, comprising of lightning, surge, and grounding designs for facilities, and site survey work. He was an active member of the IEEE committees and working groups for surge protection, culminating in the release of the surge protection trilogy: IEEE C62.41.1, C62.41.2, and C62.45 in 2003.

Upon moving back to Australia in 2003, Phil spent 7 years as a lightning and surge protection Product Manager, travelling extensively throughout Asia. After a 3 year assignment in China, Phil is presently back in Product Development, and is the Australian representative on the IEC Surge Protection committee.

Retired Engineer

Al Martin

Al holds a BEE degree from Cornell University, and a PhD from UCLA. Al joined Raychem in 1975 and held a number of positions with Raychem [which became TE Connectivity], until retiring in 2013. Al has been a contributing member of TIA TR41, ATIS NIPP- NEP, ITU-T, the IEEE EMC Society, and the IEEE Power and Energy Society. He has been an editor for TIA TR41, ATIS NIPP-NEP, and IEEE standards, and is presently chairman of IEEE PES SPDC WG3.6.7 [Data, Communications and Signaling Circuit Surge Protective Devices], and vice-chairman of WG3.6.2 [Solid State Surge Protective Device Components]. He is the author or co-author of over 30 papers on EMC and telecommunications, including 8 PEG presentations. Al is a Life Senior member of the IEEE and the IEEE SA.

ICT Surge Protection Expert

Michael (Mick) Maytum

In 1964 after graduating with a first-class honours degree from Loughborough University, Mr. Maytum worked at English Electric on Magnetron and Television Camera Tube Development.

Maytum joined Texas Instruments Limited (UK) in 1969 where working as an Applications Engineer on power semiconductors and consumer ICs. This position involved visiting television manufacturers in Europe and the USA. During this period he was part of the team that developed the Worlds’ first transistorised colour television (apart from the cathode ray tube) – the British Science Museum retains an example of this industry first. In 1976 joined Zygma Electronics for two years as a Development Engineer on Multi-standard Projection Systems.

In 1978 he rejoined Texas Instruments as the Applications Manager and in 1986 was elected a Senior Member of Technical Staff. There he consulted on televisions, switching mode power supplies, electronic gear for lighting and telecommunication surge protection. Two notable achievements were the development of the thyristor protection for British Telecoms “System X exchange” and a solid state fluorescent lamp starter (both these developments are recorded in the Smithsonian chip collection).

As a result of a management buyout in 1997 the power division was renamed Power Innovations Ltd. In May 2000 Power Innovations was acquired by Bourns, Inc. He retired from Bourns UK in 2009.

As a power semiconductor expert he has served on IEEE, IEC, ITU-T, BSI, ATIS NIP-NEP, ATIS PEG, TIA TR-41, Telcordia, CENELEC and JEDEC standardization committees. In 2006 he was awarded the IEC 1906 medal for his IEC Standards contributions and has twice received the IEEE-SA Standards Medallion. In retirement he participates in IEEE, ATIS PEG, IEC, ITU-T, BSI and CENELEC standardisation. He is the chairman of the UK BSI protection committee, ITU-T Study Group 5 Q2 & Q14, several IEEE Working groups and is an ATIS PEG advisory board member. He is Webmaster for the IEEE Power and Energy Technical Council and three of its Technical Committees.

He has authored eighteen Application Reports, contributed to five books, written thirteen articles, published six IEEE transactions papers (one receiving paper of the year award) and has 11 patents granted in the fields of lighting and protection. He regularly presents at the annual ATIS PEG Conference and has twice served as the Distinguished Lecturer.

Dan McMenamin Associates, Inc.

Dan McMenamin

Dan McMenamin is an international telecommunications consultant with more than 13 years consulting following a 36 year career with Verizon Communications (formerly Bell Atlantic).

Dan’s background includes network equipment engineering and maintenance engineering posts covering a gamut of technologies including analog and digital switching systems, transport and radio/microwave systems, cellular systems, data centers, power systems and grounding. Dan has served on both national and international standards teams and is a member of the Lightning Protection Institute (LPI), Power Sources Manufacturer's Association, National Fire Protection Association and a Senior Member of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). With extensive experience at organizing and presenting technical seminars, Dan also has authored more than thirty technical papers and articles, and has served on the Technical Program Committees of all US International TELecommunications Energy Conferences (INTELEC) between 1990 and 2012. Dan has served as a featured speaker for seminars hosted by Verizon Communications, Verizon Wireless, Verizon Global Networks Inc., Marconi Corporation, Nortel Networks, Astec Corporation, Prentiss Properties, Lucent Technologies and Emerson / Liebert Corporation and ATIS PEG.

Director of Sales


Rohit Narayan

Rohit holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree , from the University of Tasmania, Australia and a MBA Technology Management from Deakin University, Australia. He is a Chartered Professional Member of Institution of Engineers, Australia

Rohit has 23 years of experience as an electrical engineer in various fields. Rohit’s engineering experience includes design and installation-management of telecommunications ac & dc power systems, EHV 110-275kV Cable installation, telecommunications microwave, cellular and switching facilities & grounding & lightning protection system.

Quality Power Services

Joe Pfau

Joe is a member of NFPA, Associate Member of IEEE, Electrical Contractor. Joe has worked in the electrical field since his youth. His experience covers a broad market segment, from installation of CATV systems and broadcast studios with his father’s company, design and manufacturer of process control panels, Marine electrical work, USCG, chemical, hospital, electrical contracting, Power Quality, and 20+ years of work with the telecommunications industry.

1992–1995 Quality Power Services, Incorporated Birmingham, AL -Manager of Technical Services.

1995/2000 Quality Power Systems, Inc Birmingham, AL - Director of Operations and Technical Services While employed with Quality Power Systems, Inc., he was in charge of R&D, UL liaison, designing SPD’s that were used by GTE MobileNet, BMI, ALLTEL, Obstruction Lighting Companies, and the hospital industry. He supported customers solving complex lightning issues, grounding and bonding problems, forensic audits, code and standard compliance.

From 2001 – 2005, Joe worked with Surge Suppression Incorporated as Director of Telecommunication Sales and Service.

2005-present, Quality Power Services, LLC: Oversees a growing operation supporting the telecommunications industry in 5+ Southeastern states. Services include Grounding and forensic audits of facilities, electrical protection of customer and network equipment, verify/upgrade/repair bonding and grounding compliance of customer equipment and facilities, generator service and repair, AC and DC power, SPD OEM for obstruction light protection.

Telecom Design Consultant
Randolph Telecom, Inc.

Joe Randolph

Joseph Randolph is an independent consultant with over thirty years of experience in the design of telecommunications equipment. He received his BSEE degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and his MSEE degree from Purdue University. Prior to becoming a consultant in 1984, he was employed at AT&T Bell Labs. His background includes the design of traditional telecom voice and data equipment, DSL, and a wide variety of emerging VOIP and IP telephony products including optical network terminal devices. His primary specialty areas are circuit design, lightning protection, international regulatory compliance, and compliance with industry standards such as Telcordia NEBS GR-1089 for carrier-class telecom equipment in the USA. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and serves on the Telecom Advisory Committee of the IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society.

Senior Compliance Engineer

Jim Weise

Jim has 26 years experience in the telecom business, the last 18 years with ADTRAN, Inc. Jim is a Graduate of University of KY and the Lexington Technical Institute. He started his career in 1987 with GTE TestMark Laboratories evaluating telecommunications products against internal and industry standards with a focus on Lightning and Power Fault issues. In 1995, Jim began working for ADTRAN, Inc. as a compliance engineer responsible for safety listings, FCC Part 68, FCC Part15, and Telcordia NEBS, and ITU testing. In 1998, Jim began working with TIA, and committee T1 (now ATIS) on industry standards development and has been the editor of several documents as well as a major contributor. Jim has been involved in all the Telcordia GR-1089, GR-63, GR-3108, GR-487, and GR-950 revisions since 2002. Over the past several years Jim has also been involved in transient reliability, and studying the root causes of a wide variety of transient related field issues.

Senior Vice President and General Manager
Carrier Networks Division


Jay Wilson

As senior vice president and general manager of the Carrier Networks (CN) Division, Wilson is responsible for all carrier engineering, marketing, sales and support functions. Wilson joined ADTRAN in 1998. He has served in a number of roles for the Carrier Networks Division and most recently served as vice president of product marketing. He has played a key role in the development and introduction of several ADTRAN product lines that are widely deployed by telecommunications carriers. Prior to joining ADTRAN, Wilson served in a number of management roles for Wyle Laboratories. While there, his responsibilities included sales, marketing and engineering management for Wyle’s testing and engineering services to the telecommunications, aerospace/defense and nuclear equipment qualification industries. Wilson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Vanderbilt University.