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Requirements for Earthing
Enhancing Compounds

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
10:00 – 10:45 a.m.

This session will address the standard IEC 62561-7: Lightning Protection System Components (LPSC), Part 7: Requirements for Earthing Enhancing Compounds. While this is an IEC standard and deals in particular with components for lightning protection, it is one of the only standards that have detailed information on pre-qualification of ground enhancement materials. Ground Enhancing compounds have broader applications and in particular are used widely in telecommunication grounding in North America. Aspects of this standard could be considered for future inclusion in USA standards or in ATIS standards.


The IEC 62561 series of standards are written for qualifying lightning protection system components. Part 7 of IEC 62561 deals with the requirements and tests for ground enhancing compounds as being a lightning protection system components (LPSC) designed and implemented according to the IEC 62305 series of standards. Information on other parts of IEC62561 and IEC62305 standard can be found under the general title Lightning protection system components (LPSC), can be found on the IEC website.


During this session, discussion will be held on the tests required under this standard, as well as the format of the report which needs to be structured in a certain way for uniformity.

Rohit Narayan

Rohit Narayan

Director of Sales