March 13 - 15, 2018

Location: ADTRAN Headquarters
901 Explorer Boulevard
Huntsville, AL 35806

ADTRAN Headquarters

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2017 PEG Downloadable Papers

2017 Attendee List


Keynote Address: Accelerating AT&T’s Network Transformation

Amy Wheelus, Assistant Vice President, Advanced Technology Realization, AT&T Services


National Electrical Code (NEC) Update

Ernie Gallo, Director – Network Infrastructure Solutions, Ericsson


New Secondary Network Protection Elements

Russ Gundrum, Principal Consultant, Telecom Problem Solvers


Voice Protection for ONTs Using ECL and Crowbar Devices

Victor Wong, Field Application Engineering Manager, Communications Segment, Bourns, Inc.


Surge Protective Device Application

Ron Hotchkiss, Executive Vice President, Engineering, Surge Suppression Inc.


The So-Called IMAX or Surge Rating

Vincent Crevenat, Director of Engineering, CITEL


Polarization Activity Monitoring of an Aerial Fiber Link in a Live Network

Daniel Peterson, Technical Staff Member, Network Infrastructure Planning, Verizon


Isolated Down-Conductors Improved Lightning Protection for Rooftop or Outdoor Telecommunications Equipment

Rohit Narayan, Director of Sales, ERICO


Integration of High Voltage Insulated (HVI) Down Conductors into a Turnkey Isolated Lightning Protection System Solution

Richard Chadwick, Senior Applications Engineer, DEHN, Inc.


Activities of the Surge Protective Devices Committee of the IEEE PES

Ron Hotchkiss, Executive Vice President, Engineering Surge Suppression Inc.


Dealing With Induction

Dan Ashton, Senior Engineer Electrical Protection, CenturyLink


National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) Update

Trevor Bowmer, Senior Analyst, Telcordia/Ericsson


Effect of Multiple Lightning Surges on Clamping SPDS, with Focus on MOVs

Al Martin, Retired Engineer


Field Study on the Efficiency of Lightning Protection Systems

TJ Gaines, Global Product Manager, Lightning Protection, PENTAIR ERICO


Case Study: Road Equipment Facing Surges in Rough Environment

Vincent Crevenat, Director of Engineering, CITEL

Survey of RF Surge Protection Technologies – Increasing the Reliability of Your Wireless Network

Robert Cid, Global Product Manager, Smiths Microwave


Comparing Circuit Protection Technologies for 48 V DC in High Surge Environments

Tim Howell, Staff FAE - Communications Market Segment Bourns, Inc.


Engineering Grounds for Bonding Grounds: Techniques solidly grounded in science (and experience)

Dan McMenamin, Dan McMenamin and Associates