March 13 - 15, 2018

Location: ADTRAN Headquarters
901 Explorer Boulevard
Huntsville, AL 35806

ADTRAN Headquarters

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Keynote Address

Glenn Garbelman, Vice President Video Operations and Systems Support, CenturyLink


Case Studies on Implementation of Theft Deterrent Grounding Systems at Telecom Facilities

Rohit Narayan, Director of Sales, ERICO


Fuel Cells in Telecom Networks and Protection Considerations and Related Code Concerns

Curtis Ashton, Senior Lead Power Tech Support Engineer, CenturyLink


Circuit Protection for VDSL2 and

Tim Howell, Staff Field Applications Engineer - Communications Market Segment, Bourns, Inc.


IEEE Power and Engineering Society Wire-Line Subcommittee Standards Update

John Fuller, Engineer, Infrastructure Planning and Optimization, AT&T


Criteria to Protect Telecommunication Cabling During a Power Cross Event

Mick Maytum, ICT Surge Protection Expert


Can Two-Wire Systems Coexist in A Three-Wire World?

Dan McMenamin, President, Dan McMenamin Associates


Loop Currents Caused by Lightning-Induced Induction and GCR

Al Martin, Retired Engineer


Bilingual Safety Language in ITU-T Recommendations

Mick Maytum, ICT Surge Protection Expert


NEC and NESC Code Updates

Trevor Bowmer, Senior Analyst, Telcordia/Ericsson


Substation Ground Grid - Copper Theft Monitoring Systems

Joe Boyles, Owner - Boyles Electronics, Inc.


Enhancing Network Reliability and Sustainability at the Customer Premise

Jim Pelegris, Business Development Manager, Surge Protection Systems, Bourns, Inc.


Practical Issues in Grounding: Bentonite vs. Conductive Concrete

Jerry Schroeder, Director of Sales & Engineering, Sankosha


G.Fast and Deployment Challenges: Including Reverse Span Powering and Super-Vectoring

Arlynn Wilson, Senior Staff Scientist, ADTRAN

Comparison of Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) in accordance with NFPA 780 and IEC 62305-3

Richard Chadwick, Senior Applications Engineer, DEHN, Inc.


New Type of Surge Reduction Filters for Remote Cabinets and Enclosures

Chris Barcey, Engineer, Pentair Engineered Electrical & Fastening Solutions, ERICO
Greg Martinjak, Engineer, Applications Engineering Department, ERICO


Protecting PoE PSE and Ethernet to the Latest International OSP Standards

Tim Ardley, Power Fault & Lightning Compliance Engineer ADTRAN


Multiburst Surge Testing
Mick Maytum, ICT Surge Protection Expert