March 13 - 15, 2018

Location: ADTRAN Headquarters
901 Explorer Boulevard
Huntsville, AL 35806

ADTRAN Headquarters

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2014 PEG Downloadable Papers


National Electric Code (NEC) Update

Ernie Gallo, Director, Ericsson


National Electric Safety Code Update

Trevor Bowmer, Senior Analyst, Ericsoon


Requirements for Earthing Enhancing Compounds

Rohit Narayan, Director of Sales, ERICO


Ethernet Protection-Latest Standards Work

Jim Wiese, Senior Compliance Engineer, ADTRAN, Inc


IEEE 1692 Section 5.2 AC Power Isolation: A New Solution to an Old Problem

Daniel Ashton, Lead Technical Support Engineer, CenturyLink


Grounding and Bonding – Telecommunications

James Crook, P-Engineer, Hydro Quebec


Achieving Exceptional ECL Based Surge Protection In VDSL Applications With
Minimal Impact on Performance

Andy Morrish, Chief Technology Officer, Semiconductor Division, Bourns, Inc.


A Modern Approach to Protecting Wayside Railroad Equipment from Lightning Damage

Dick March, Phoenix Contact
James Schroeder, Owner, Schroeder Consulting Services


Bonding and Grounding Issues at Municipal Radio Sites: How Ugly Can it Get?

Dan McMenamin, President, McMenamin and Associates


Electrical Protection of 48 and 24 V Battery Strings and DC Plant Circuits

Curtis Ashton, Senior Lead Power Tech Support Engineer CenturyLink


DC Surge Protection of Remote Radio Units (RRU) or Remote Radio Head (RRH)

Rohit Narayan, Director of Sales, ERICO


Things You May Not Have Heard About Shielding

Al Martin, Consultant


GbE Port Protection in Exposed Environments

Len Stencel, Applications Manager, Semiconductor Product Group, Bourns, Inc.


Fiber to Antenna Surge Protection

Nisar Chaudhry, VP & Chief Scientist, Tii Network Technologies


Update on the Grounding Section Revision for IEEE Std. C62.72

William Bush, Consultant


Lightning Parameters for Engineering Applications: CIGRÉ 2013 TB 549
Al Martin, Consultant


Electrical Protection Considerations for an All-Internet Protocol Network
Ernie Gallo, Director, Ericsson and PEG Conference Chair
Larry Payne, Network Design Engineer, AT&T


Ground Grid Impedance of High Voltage Locations Using the Smart Ground Multimeter
Joe Boyles, Boyles Electronics


Grounding Methodologies and Connections and Writing Grounding Standards and Specifications
Joe Pfau, Owner, Quality Power Services
Bruce Fountain, Consultant, Quality Power Services


Distinguished Lecturer Program: Developing Safety Requirements and Designing Safe Products
Randy Ivans, Principal Engineer, High Tech/ Telecommunications Product Safety, UL LLC