March 13 - 15, 2018

Location: ADTRAN Headquarters
901 Explorer Boulevard
Huntsville, AL 35806

ADTRAN Headquarters

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2013 PEG Downloadable Papers


National Electric Code (NEC) Update

Ernie Gallo, Director, Ericsson


National Electric Safety Code Update

Trevor Bowmer, Senior Analyst, Ericsoon


Fiber-to-the-Antenna: Benefits and Protection Requirements

Scott Mickievicz, Product Manager, Phoenix Contact
James Schroeder, Owner, Schroeder Consulting


Powering-Protecting-Connecting the Last Frontier:
Home Automation/Integration/AV Systems

Jim Pelegris, Vice President Technology and Business Development
Richard Gray's Power Company


2012 Updates to ITU-T Recommendations for Telecommunication Equipment and SPDs

Michael (Mick) Maytum, International Standards/Protection Engineering Consultant


Case Studies of Electrical Protection Issues in the Field

Larry Payne, Network Design Engineer, AT&T
Dale Stegmaier, Inductive Coordination and Electrical Protection Engineer, AT&T


Ground or Not to Ground Ethernet Protection, Part 2

Nisar Chaudhry, Vice President & Chief Scientist, Tii Network Technologies


Fuse or Not to Fuse? That is the Question

Dan McMenamin, President, Dan McMenamin and Associates


Noise to the Wind

Daniel Ashton, Lead Technical Support Engineer, CenturyLink


Surge Protection - Safety Requirements for Surge Protectors and Grounding
at the Customer Premises

Randy Ivans, Principal Engineer, High Tech/ Telecommunications Product Safety, UL LLC


Electrical Protection Issues and AC Power Problems in the Home

Bruce Melton, Engineering and Technical Support, Telco Sales


Measured Surge Activity at Cellular Sites

Joseph Pfau, Quality Power Services, LLC


Semi-Conductor Protection Devices (Generic and Specific

Len Stencel, Applications Manager, Semiconductor Product Group, Bourns, Inc.


Choking the Life Out of Surge: Part 3 of a Practical Approach to Coordination

Tim Ardley, Compliance Engineer, ADTRAN


Power GPR-Related Telecom Equipment Damages- Case Studies

Larry Payne, Network Design Engineer, AT&T


Outside Plant Access Network Testing

Ernie Gallo, Director, Ericsson


Optical Network Terminations (ONTs): Lightning Damage and Standards –
What’s the Latest Information?

Jim Weise, Senior Compliance Engineer, ADTRAN


Things You May Not Have Heard About Lightning and Grounding
Al Martin, Principal Engineer, TE Connectivity


An Overview of ATIS STEP Standards Work
Bon Pipkin, Area Manager, AT&T


Grounding Field Studies and Practical Examples
James Crook, P-Engineer, Hydro Quebec


Distinguished Lecturer Program: Surge Protection 101, Part 2
Michael (Mick) Maytum, International Standards/Protection Engineering Consultant