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Mission Statement:

The Small Exchange Carrier Access Billing (SECAB) Subcommittee maintains the SECAB document in accordance with industry changes based on closed issues referred by the OBF Billing Committee or input from industry participants.


The Small Exchange Carrier Access Billing (SECAB) Guidelines document has been created to support those providers, or their vendors, who currently do not conform to the CABS Billing Output Specifications (BOS).

The document is intended to provide guidelines for producing complete and verifiable access bills for the customers. The guidelines do not increase the complexity of providing an access bill to the level that the provider can no longer produce its own bill.

SECAB is neither a replacement for, nor substitution of, the CABS BOS.
These guidelines cannot establish new requirements for CABS BOS or change existing ones. It is understood that some requirements contained in this document differ and in some instances exceed the BOS paper requirements. This has been done due to the unique nature of the providers providing the bills.

SECAB identifies the information which small providers should provide in order to meet customer criteria for complete and verifiable access bills. The guidelines also include customer preference and conditional data elements.

The guidelines address billing requirements for Interstate, Intrastate, and Local. It is not a requirement to use the SECAB Guidelines to bill Local. However, should you choose to do so, Local requirements have been identified. The guidelines do not address all requirements for Meet Point Billing options. The MECAB contains the recommended guidelines for the billing of access/interconnection services provided to a customer by two or more providers. That document should be consulted for specific meet point criteria.


The SECAB Subcommittee is an open forum available to all funding participants of the Order and Billing Forum (OBF). The effectiveness and value of the SECAB Subcommittee is directly related to the diversity, quality of effort and contribution of the participants. Participants are expected to be prepared and knowledgeable to allow for the discussion, examination and incorporation of the resolved issues into the SECAB document. Participants from both small and large customers, providers, vendors and consultants are entitled to the same rights and consideration to bring issues that meet the basic criteria for OBF support. Leadership roles and responsibilities as well as meeting guidelines are defined in the OBF Guidelines. Periodically, the SECAB Subcommittee may request the presence of an issue champion to clarify the intent of an issue resolution.