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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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Abbreviation for robot. A relatively small and focused computer application that (a) runs continuously, in the background (i.e., simultaneously), as other programs are being run, and (b) responds automatically to a user's activity. Synonyms agent, droid, infobot. Note 1: Many bots are created for the benefit of the user, e.g., those that send information upon request, perform automated searches, or monitor messages in a network forum. Other robots (e.g., a computer virus) are intended to harm the user or to spam the user (e.g., with advertising). Note 2: Many bots have nicknames that loosely describe their function. Some examples of bots are:

adbot A bot that searches newsgroups and other on-line documents for email addresses. When one is found, an advertisement is automatically sent to that address. The address is usually saved in a database for sale to other advertisers. Alternatively, an adbot can be one that automatically posts advertisements to newsgroups and other network forums.
crawler Synonym web crawler.
knowbot Abbreviation for knowledge robot. A bot that automatically searches on-line information for data relevant to a user's previous search criteria.
knowledge robot See knowbot.
list server A bot that accepts messages from users and then sends a copy of that messages to all members of the related mailing list. The list server will also allow list members to customize the way messages are sent to them (e.g., the messages can be sent as they are received by the list server or saved, compiled, and then sent).
pokerbot A bot that automatically plays the game of poker in various on-line forums. Note: Many on-line games have had bots designed to play them, e.g., a chessbot or a bridgebot.
portal A bot that serves as a starting point for browsers. A portal will often include a search engine.
robot See bot.
robotic librarian Synonym search engine.
search bot Synonym search engine.
search engine A bot that accepts words or phrases from an Internet user via a browser, searches a database for matching web pages, and displays a list of those pages that match the search criteria.
spambot A bot that sends unwanted, unrequested, and usually repetitive e-mail or messages directly to a user or to a message forum. In most cases, this unwanted information is commercial advertisements, although the message can be propaganda supporting a cause or nonsense messages designed to fill up a user's mailbox.
spider Synonym web crawler.
web crawler A bot that searches the world wide web for new and updated web pages. Found pages are categorized by subject and placed in a database. Typically, an associated search engine will access that database.
wizard A bot that has some ability to make informed decisions. For example, a wizard might determine the city from which you are accessing the network and provide to you the current weather report for your area.











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