Define & Influence DSI’s Strategic Direction

DSI Members will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in the operation of the project (i.e. ORCA)
  • Decide which new APIs to accept in the open source project
  • Vote in the technical review committee to approve changes to existing APIs
  • Define network facing functionality requirements required to operationalize projects
  • Evaluate new projects in emerging markets, such as M2M
  • Initiate and lead projects in areas where existing network services can provide value to applications running on edge devices

Both service providers and their suppliers will benefit from taking part in this work.

How can I get involved?

Companies have several options when choosing to participate in the Device Solutions Initiative. If you are already a consolidated member of ATIS, you already have access to begin participating.

ATIS Consolidated Members
If your company joined ATIS after 2012, or selected consolidated membership during our membership transition, you are eligible to participate in the DSI at no additional charge.

Non-Consolidated Members
If your company was a member of ATIS prior to 2012 and elected to retain previous participation levels during our membership transition, you are eligible to participate in the DSI at a reduced rate.

Non-ATIS Members
If your company is not a member of ATIS, you are eligible to join the DSI. The non-member participation fee is $15,000. Should your company qualify for ATIS membership, you will be invoiced at the non-member participation rate or membership dues rate – whichever is lower.


In additional to discussing projects within GitHub, the DSI uses an for group communications. For questions about the DSI email list please contact Nicole Butler.

Join DSI

Get started with DSI by completing the membership application.

For questions about DSI membership contact .

For questions about the DSI email list contact .