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Reference Model

ATIS has developed a common reference model to better understand the key relationships between different ATIS standards activities.

The model illustrates key relationships across all technology and standards development activities. Specifically, it demonstrates the relationships of service designs and data elements; leverages existing architectures while evolving the model based on new ATIS technology programs; creates common definitions, lexicons and taxonomies; illustrates synergies; and improves the technology and standards development lifecycle. ATIS views the reference model as dynamic and a “living effort.” It will evolve through periodic updates driven by technology changes and members’ business needs.

The first iteration is a “current view” model, depicting network functionality as it exists today. It was developed by architects from Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T, GENBAND, Ericsson, Harris, Neustar and Verizon, and it has already been used by the Cybersecurity Focus Group to align trust zones with other ATIS activities. This current view will serve as a baseline for future updates incorporating emerging disruptive technologies such as software-defined networking, over-the-top services, and virtualization.

Access an overview presentation on the Reference Model: Current View RA — Overview

Access detailed information about the Reference Model: Current View RA — Details

Moving forward, ATIS will:

  • Apply the RM to existing TOPS Council and ATIS Committee work, adding more detail as needed;
  • Utilize the RM as a validating mechanism to evaluate new priorities;
  • Promote the RM as a tool for existing and future ATIS members; and
  • Evolve the RM as future priorities are introduced.

ATIS Board member companies are invited to name representatives to participate in the ad hoc group to progress the future view RM.

Please contact Jim McEachern for additional information.

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