Time and Money II:
The Workshop on Time Sync Requirements in Financial Markets


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Juniper Networks challenges the status quo with innovative products, solutions and services critical to businesses by transforming the economics of networking in the connected world. We are pushing the limits of silicon, systems and software for unified environments and open architectures in our routing, switching and security solutions.

We are a leader in network automation, performance and creation. We create scalable, secure and cost-effective networks for unprecedented choice, agility, efficiency and value. We empower customers to unlock new business models and capitalize on new growth opportunities.

We do so by challenging conventions to define what’s possible, not simply what’s next. Every product, solution and person who works at Juniper is driving business transformation that underpins the connected world.

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Meinberg offers leading edge synchronization solutions, including high end PTP and NTP timeserver products, GPS and GLONASS receivers, DCF77/WWVB/MSF receivers, IRIG/AFNOR time code generators/readers and a wide variety of accessories such as antennas, diplexers, converters and signal distribution systems.

The Meinberg IEEE 1588 grandmaster clocks and NTP timeserver appliances are well known for their innovative feature set, flexibility and reliability, making them one of the leading network time synchronization solutions available today.

Meinberg products are deployed all over the world, enabling synchronization for mission critical applications in power grid/substation automation, finance, digital broadcasting, telecommunication networks, aviation and space, and the labs of world-class research organizations. For more information, visit the Meinberg website.

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Microsemi, the world leader in precise timing and synchronization solutions, sets the world's standard for time. The solutions offered by the company generate, distribute and apply precise time for the communications, aerospace/defense, IT infrastructure and metrology industries. Customers range from communications service providers and network equipment manufacturers to governments and their suppliers worldwide. Using the technology offered by Microsemi, customers are able to build more reliable networks and systems by using the Company's advanced timing technologies, atomic clocks, services and solutions. The above systems support today's precise timing standards, including GPS-based timing, IEEE 1588 (PTP), Network Time Protocol (NTP), Synchronous Ethernet and DOCSIS(R) timing.

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Metamako,is a leading provider of ultra-high speed, application-centric network devices. It combines FPGA technology and integrated network applications on a single, converged switching platform. Built for high-speed, performance and configurability, Metamako brings together multiple networking functions to enable financial firms to simplify their stacks, increase network visibility and support computing at the edge.

Metamako has leveraged its experience as a trusted provider for latency sensitive trading firms, to build an agile hardware platform that sits at the heart of every critical network application.

Its benefits:

  • deterministic, ultra-low latency financial exchange connectivity
  • high performance packet capture
  • active tapping
  • precision timestamping and clock synchronization
  • deep buffering

Metamako - Transforming Networks

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Spectracom is a leading provider of precise positioning, navigation and timing solutions that leverage GPS and other Global Navigation Satellite System signals. Our application-specific products are designed for synchronization and timing of networks, systems and devices; generating or simulating navigation signals; calibration and measurement of signals in the frequency domain. Products include GPS simulators, secure master clock synchronization systems, network time servers, rugged inertial navigation products, bus-level timing, time and frequency analyzers, and more.


FSMLabs is a system software company focused on adding real time, fault tolerance, and high performance to conventional operating systems. FSMLabs TimeKeeper products are leading the way to reliable time synchronization in the financial trading sector and wider enterprise and cloud. Follow us on Twitter: @fsmlabs