Sustainability in Telecom: Energy and Protection Committee (STEP)

Mission: The Sustainability in Telecom: Energy and Protection (STEP) Committee engages industry expertise to develop standards and technical reports for telecommunications equipment and environments in the areas of energy efficiency, environmental impacts, power and protection. The work products of STEP enable vendors, operators and their customers to deploy and operate reliable, environmentally sustainable, energy efficient communications technologies. STEP is committed to proactive engagement with national, regional and international standards development organizations and forums that share its scope of work.

Scope: The technical requirements, measurement techniques, metrics, and operational practices documented in STEP’s work products encompass:

  • environmental impacts;
  • energy production, storage and distribution systems;
  • energy efficiency, and;
  • electrical and physical protection;

for customer, access, transport and core telecommunications equipment and environments.

Contributions for STEP, NEP, NPP, TEE (including the Wireless Working Group), and NPS can be found in ATIS Workspace by searching for STEP NEP, STEP NPP, STEP TEE, and STEP NPS. Information on the Strategic Sustainability Task Force (sunset February 2013) may be found here.



STEP Chair
Ken Biholar
, Alcatel-Lucent

STEP Vice Chair
John Krahner
, Cisco

John Fuller, AT&T

STEP NEP Vice Chair
Ernie Gallo, Ericsson

Clayton Forbes, NTS

STEP NPP Vice Chair

Chris Von Hagel, Intertek

Jim Jackson, AT&T

STEP NPS Vice Chair
Ernie Gallo, Ericsson

Leo Rabinovich, Cisco

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