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Welcome to the SMS/800 Number Administration Committee

The SMS/800 Number Administration Committee (SNAC) identifies, develops and implements the resolution of issues impacting existing toll free products and services and evolving technologies affecting future developments in the toll free industry. The SNAC is comprised of volunteer members representing providers and users of the 800 Service Management System (SMS/800). The Committee provides recommendations to the owner/manager of the SMS/800 regarding design and management issues that have a direct effect on the system users.

The SNAC maintains the Industry Guidelines for Toll Free Number Administration and is a leader in developing standards and procedures for the interaction between Resp Orgs, Customers, and Service Providers. The SNAC interfaces with other committees as needed to address the impact of their work to toll free products and services.

SNAC's responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • SMS/800 Process Enhancements
  • Customer/RESP ORG Requirements
  • Provider/RESP ORG Requirements
  • Technical/Operational Issues
  • SMS/800-877 Documentation Requirements
  • SMS/800 Help Desk / RESP ORG Support Processes

Additional responsibilities include maintenance of certain documents to support the database administration process, which outline:

  • RESP ORG Responsibilities
  • 10-Digit Toll Free Number Administration
  • Coordinated Conversion of 800 Database Services
  • SMS/800 Help Desk Responsibilities Support Processes


--Leaders -

-SNAC Co-Chairs

Jon Durst, Verizon Business
David Greenhaus, 800 Response Information Services


--Organizational Information-
- -

SNAC has become a stand-alone committee within ATIS, having formerly been a part of the Ordering and Billing Forum.

To learn more about joining SNAC, please contact Jackie Voss.