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For Immediate Release: June 24, 2014

Contact: Marcella Wolfe
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ATIS Assesses What is Needed to Advance the All-IP Transition in Critical Infrastructure Communications Networks

WASHINGTON — ATIS announces the launch of the IP-Transition of Public Safety Related Applications Task Force (PSRA-TF), formed to address critical issues in the complex migration of public safety communications infrastructure to All-IP technologies.  One of the most significant challenges facing the public safety community is ensuring that existing applications will function as expected in light of the sunset of PSTN systems and the corresponding evolution of legacy copper networks. The public safety and industrial organizations that monitor and inform communities of threats and dangers still depend on legacy PSTN technologies and services as a part of their critical infrastructure. Technologies affected in the All-IP transition specifically include alarm circuits to local fire and police departments, FAA circuits to towers and alarms, circuits monitoring railroad crossings and circuits for sensors at gas and power company locations.

“The Task Force is seizing the opportunity to expand existing knowledge and foster the cooperation needed to advance critical infrastructure communications systems into the All-IP era,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “It will ensure a seamless transition by helping steer innovative technologies to meet business needs associated with this complex undertaking. The goal is to ensure the new public safety communications network performs as reliably as it always has to protect lives and property.” 

Chaired by representatives from Verizon and Comcast, the PSRA-TF will work with a broad array of industry associations to analyze the issues central to transitioning critical public safety communications infrastructure to All-IP technologies. Based on its findings, the Task Force will make targeted recommendations to both public safety and industrial associations and state and local regulators. It will also engage in outreach and education efforts to the professionals who manage critical circuits to increase their understanding of and confidence in the evolution to next generation communications.

“Over the last few years, the industry has applied significant resources to solving the larger public safety needs related to the IP transition. This ATIS project takes an additional step in analyzing the current legacy infrastructure that supports public safety applications while working cooperatively with the industry to identify a roadmap that continues to align these critical public safety requirements with technology advancements,” said Mike Nawrocki, co-chair of the ATIS IP-Transition of Public Safety Related Applications Task Force and Director of Wireline Standards, Verizon Network and Technology.

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