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For Immediate Release: May 8, 2014


ATIS and Metro Ethernet Forum Developing International Ethernet Ordering Specification

WASHINGTON — ATIS and the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) are pleased to announce that they are collaborating on a project to develop an international specification to support worldwide Ethernet ordering. The implementation framework being developed will make inter-carrier relations more efficient by enabling service providers to automate and operationalize their MEF service offerings. It also will provide an opportunity for non-MEF member companies who use the current ATIS Ethernet ordering model to easily comply with MEF service specifications.

“ATIS has a proven track record of successfully mechanizing business processes for our industry. This new specification further demonstrates how ATIS is able to help carriers gain greater efficiencies in the age of all-IP networks,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “This work to simplify intercarrier Ethernet ordering will help reduce time to revenue for these transactions.”

“The joint work with ATIS to extend the standardized Ethernet Ordering model beyond North America out to a global footprint promises to help accelerate service rollout in a more affordable manner on a worldwide basis,” said MEF Chief Operating Officer Kevin Vachon. “Practical solutions like this not only enable improved operational efficiencies on a multi-carrier basis, they also represent an important step on the path toward a more dynamic service environment in the future.”

The new framework will consist of business requirements, processes, workflows, information models and implementation/interface specifications. The implementation model developed will deliver detailed process flows to help better understand service provider operations.

These Ethernet ordering requirements form the foundation of the systems and processes required for scalable interconnection between providers. As such, the model used in this specification is likely to be expanded to include other IP services.

For more information, or to join ATIS and MEF’s collaborative work to develop an Ethernet ordering specification, contact Jackie Voss, Manager - Global Standards Development, ATIS.

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