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For Immediate Release: November 14, 2013

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New ATIS Report Maps the Future of ICT Data Analytics

WASHINGTON — ATIS today announced the release of the BDA Data Value Chain Reference Model & Use Cases, created by the organization’s Big Data Analytics Focus Group (BDA-FG).  The report captures the findings of the BDA-FG which has performed industry-leading work in studying how analytics are applied in the ICT industry and what will be needed to accelerate BDA adoption and increase its value for operators.

Big data analytics has become a stated priority among communications services providers. Developing a cross-operator perspective that allows insight across the entire industry is only the beginning.  By studying practical examples of how analytics are currently being applied in the industry, the BDA-FG identified common themes and created a consistent framework to support multiple types of secure information exchange.  Specifically, this work outlines a metadata framework; offers high-level use cases; addresses privacy and security concerns; and provides recommendations for advancing the maturity of the “data value chain” in big data analytics. 

“Service providers have access to a wealth of new data, but innovation is needed to advance the information infrastructure for managing and exchanging it.  Industry tools haven’t kept pace with the exponential growth in data,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “ATIS believes that establishing a set of industry guidelines — and ultimately, standards — will help operators gain more from the scale of their big data efforts.  This work is needed to mitigate future problems related to privacy and transparency issues, and to create an even stronger relationship between operators and their subscribers. The findings in this new ATIS report provide the groundwork for getting us there.”

BDA Data Value Chain Reference Model & Use Cases is available in the ATIS Document Center, a leading resource for worldwide technical operations standards for communications technologies produced by ATIS Committees and Forums.  The cost is $265, however, until January 21, 2014, the report is free of charge using promo code BDA1013.  To order, please visit

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