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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 11, 2012

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ATIS Initiative Advances Communications Industry
Trust and Identity Solutions

Washington—ATIS today announced the launch of a Technology and Operations (TOPS) Council initiative to assess trust and identity management models across a broad range of industries with the goal of supporting development of potential communications industry service offerings. Trust and identity requirements vary across sectors, with companies in different industries, finance and health care for example; providers; and the government all having different models. The new ATIS initiative involves surveying across sectors to seek synergies with existing and emerging ICT industry trust and identity efforts. This analysis will help the communications industry better understand factors essential to developing network-based trust and identity solutions.

“The ability to provide secure, reliable, private communication between entities drives the success of telecommunications industry solutions,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “By better understanding the many varied trust and identity models that exist today, this new ATIS initiative provides valuable information for creating new offerings to foster the trust needed for the adoption of new innovations.”

As the foundation for its work, this ATIS initiative leverages the work of ATIS’ Cloud Services Forum (CSF), which developed the Trusted Information Exchange (TIE) (ATIS-0200008) standard to establish a functional design for a network operator-based federated trust model. Leveraging the TIE specification, the Trust & Identity Landscape Team will focus initially on addressing; directory; identity, including subscriber data management; and the trust framework. Another of ATIS’ fast-tracked initiatives, the initial phase of this work has an anticipated completion date of year-end 2012. Please see the ATIS Document Center for more information.

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