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ATIS oneM2M Representative Examines Harmonizing M2M Standards
in M2M Evolution Conference Keynote

What: David Foote, CTO for Hitachi CTA and Vice Chair of the oneM2M Steering Committee, will present a keynote address at the M2M Evolution Conference entitled To Serve the Internet of Things: the oneM2M Initiative. Foote provides insight why global leaders in ICT standards-setting, including ATIS, are launching a new and critical ICT industry initiative called oneM2M that will harmonize M2M standards.

When: Thursday, October 4, 2012, 9:30 – 10:00 a.m.

Where: Austin Convention Center, Austin, TX

Background: To Serve the Internet of Things: the oneM2M Initiative
The oneM2M initiative brings together six of the world’s major ICT standards development organizations to focus on the advancement and standardization of M2M communications. ATIS is a Founding Partner of oneM2M. M2M is an economic engine driving growth and innovation throughout a range of global industries, including health care, security, transportation and utilities. In his keynote at the M2M Evolution Conference, David Foote will specifically cover efforts at oneM2M and ATIS that are bringing together the ICT ecosystem to develop solutions that improve efficiency, reliability, security and the cost effectiveness of the current and future networks as they deliver M2M services.

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**ATIS is an M2M Evolution Conference Association Partner

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