ATIS committees and forums have migrated from the Contribution Registration Database (CRD) and website document posting to ATIS Workspace.  Therefore, effective May 22, 2014, documents must be uploaded to ATIS Workspace.  For a period of time, documents will continue to be maintained by staff via the CRD and webpages; however, the systems will not be synchronized daily and all participants must use ATIS Workspace for all of their committee/forum needs (documents, calendar, ballots, email, etc.).

Ordering and Billing Forum (OBF)

OBF resolves national issues that affect ordering, billing, provisioning, and exchange of information about access services, and other connectivity between telecommunications customers and providers. It is responsible for the specifications, instructions, and forms required to provide local, access and wireless service ordering as well as access billing guidelines and record layouts for message exchange.

Leaders & Committees

OBF Co-Chairs

Marvin Neal, AT&T

Linda Peterman, EarthLink Business

OBF Committees

Ordering Solutions

Billing and Record Exchange

Organizational Information

Organizational Chart