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Global Standards Collaboration 5 (GSC-5)
RAdio STandardization 8 (RAST-8)

"Standards Collaboration to Enable
New Millennium Markets"

Files posted on this website for the GSC-5/RAST-8 meeting are available in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can go to the Adobe website and download the FREE Reader. This meeting was geared toward a fully electronic meeting, and a CD ROM with all contributions was made available at the meeting and 3.5" diskettes with the changes made at the meeting were made available at the meeting. Attendees were asked to bring a laptop with both the CD ROM and 3.5" disk drives.

Travelers were informed of the General and Travel Information guide to assist in their travel planning.

The GSC-5, RAST-8, and Working Group contributions and presentations are posted for your information.

The GSC-5/RAST-8 Resolutions as well as the GSC5/RAST8 Communiqué have been posted.

The GSC-5 and RAST-8 meetings were hosted by Committee T1 and TIA and held from August 23-26, 1999, in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. The meetings began on Monday morning, August 23, and finished on Thursday, August 26 in the afternoon. The schedule and agendas are available below.

  • You may download the REVISED GSC-5 template document for contributions (this document is in Word 6.0/95 format). The draft GSC-5, RAST-8, and Working Group (WG) agendas have been posted on the preliminary schedule below.

Committee T1 and TIA provided the Secretariat support for GSC for 1999. ETSI will be providing the Secretariat support for RAST from 1998 through the year 2000. Past GSC meeting information is available at http://www.gsc.etsi.org/ and past RAST meeting information is available at http://www.rast.etsi.org/. You may also subscribe to the various RAST or GSC mailings lists.


The links from the schedule below provide you with the agendas for the respective meetings.

0900 - 1200 hours
1200- 1300 hours
1300 - 1700 hours
22 August

- Registration Desk Open
- 1600-1800 Heads of Delegation Meeting (ACIF, ARIB, ETSI, T1, TIA, TSACC, TTA, TTC, ITU-D, ITU-R, ITU-T)
- 1800-1900 Reception
- 1900-2100 Indoor Buffet Dinner
23 August
- Registration Desk Open (0700-1300)
- GSC/RAST Opening Plenary
Lunch GSC/RAST Opening Plenary (cont'd) - 1800-1900 Reception
- 1900-2200 Dinner with Speaker to follow
24 August
- RAST Meeting
- Users WG Meeting
- GSC Meeting

- RAST Meeting (cont'd)
- Users Workshop Begins
- GSC Meeting (cont'd)

Dinner on you own. If you need reservations, please see registration desk prior to 1200.
25 August

- RAST Meeting
- Users Workshop (cont'd)
- IPR WG Meeting


- RAST Meeting (cont'd)
- Users Workshop Concludes
- Electronic WG Meeting

- 1900-2000 Reception
- 2000-2200 Dinner with Speaker at Kingsmill Resort

26 August
GSC/RAST Closing Plenary Lunch GSC/RAST Closing Plenary and Adjourn N/A


  • Attendees should have completed the GSC5/RAST8 Registration Form.
  • View the invitation letter to the GSC and RAST members and observers as well as the guests (for information only) (Please be aware that only those organizations which received invitations and are considered part of a delegation may attend)

For further information, please mail Steve Barclay

**NOTE: The building in the image above was used with permission from Williamsburg Online.