Cloud Services Forum (CSF)

The Cloud Services Forum (CSF) promotes the integration of cloud technologies and network infrastructure to realize the significant benefits of cloud, by:

  • Developing standards to enable the network to do more than it does today (e.g., expanding product offerings including services on demand, accelerating time-to-market, lowering costs, minimizing complexity, increasing scalability);
  • Focusing on the creation of reusable Service Enablers to progress each phase of work; and
  • Creating technical solutions in support of a global marketplace to help Service Providers realize cloud’s full potential.

CSF’s Completed Initiatives:

  • Develop video service specifications as a component of a unified communications framework (e.g., telepresence, mobile).
  • Progress the next phase of Content Distribution Network- Interconnection (CDN-I) focusing on multicast-based content delivery to mobile end-user devices.
  • Advanced a Trusted Information Exchange solution to address the directory, routing, privacy and accessibility implications associated with personal contact information resident in mobile devices.
  • Developed the next phase of Content Distribution Network- Interconnection (CDN-I) with Release 3 – building on initial use cases to address more complicated models and additional content types.
  • Defined virtual desktop functional requirements to take advantage of cloud resources to reduce management costs and support any-device, any-network access to desktops by end-users.

For more information, please contact Yvonne Reigle ( or Nicole Butler (


Leadership and Contacts

CSF Chair

Dan Druta, AT&T
CSF Vice Chair

Staff Contact

If you have any questions on the CSF please contact Yvonne Reigle, ATIS Director or Nicole Butler, ATIS Committee Administrator.


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