TOPS Council


The TOPS Council Testbeds Focus Group is evaluating various industry initiatives that call for testbeds to validate aspects of the migration to All-IP (e.g., numbering evolution, IP-NNI routing, authenticated caller-ID). Individual testbeds focus on one specific problem, but duplicate many functions that are common to all testbeds. As a result, these individual testbeds are inefficient to implement and maintain.

The scope of the Focus Group is to:

  • Evaluate existing testbed activities and proposals to identify common requirements
  • Determine if there would be value in combining separate activities into a common testbed support capability

Additional Robocalling Testbed Information

The Testbeds Focus Group has created an Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) governing testing work. Below are companies that have executed NDAs.

Testbeds NDA Signatories

If you are interested in participating in the TLT, please sign the ATIS NDA and return it to ATIS at

Participants wishing to test their products/services must also complete the Neustar testing agreement. Click here for more information on testing.



Gary Richenaker, iconectiv