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ATIS is proud to support the following ICT industry events:
IIT RTC Conference and Expo

IIT RTC Conference and Expo

October 13 - 14, 2018

Chicago, Illinois

The IIT RTC Conference and Expo is a globally recognized collaborative event, where industry and academia connect. Leveraging its unique academic setting, this annual conference brings together technical professionals and business executives from the data and telecommunications industry, standards bodies, policy and regulatory institutions, and academic educators and researchers to promote an open exchange of ideas to lead future development in the rapidly changing field of real-time communications.

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ATIS is an IIT RTC Conference and Expo Organizational Partner.

Next Gen Wireless Networks Summit

Next Gen Wireless Networks Summit

October 17 - 18, 2018

Dallas, Texas

FierceWireless will bring together top executives in the industry to discuss 5G’s arrival this year and how it’s just a tiny part of a much bigger story. Although 5G will likely dominate the conversation in the wireless industry in 2018, the next-generation wireless networks of tomorrow are poised for a much more massive and meaningful evolution.

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ATIS is a Next Gen Wireless Networks Summit Industry Partner.



November 12 - 14, 2018

Washington, DC

DC5G is the one event that represents the entire 5G-connected ecosystem. Enterprise markets, local municipalities, telcos, industry experts, satellite service providers, device manufacturers, and federal policy makers will gather for the second year to learn about the potential of the next generation of connectivity. By bringing all markets to the table, the conversations are holistic and are focused on getting business done. Join us and start advancing the 5G conversation by developing better strategies and stronger 5G rollout plans, and build partnerships that enhance capabilities among shared spectrum.

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ATIS is a DC5G Association Partner.