Network Functions Virtualization Forum

The Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Forum is accelerating industry solutions in the NFV and software-defined network space with a focus on enabling new business models, speeding time-to-market, improving efficiency, and addressing the use cases that matter most to ATIS members. Currently, these include inter-provider NFV for mobile, CDN and other applications.

Specifically, the Forum is:

  1. Defining priority use cases and associated architecture and requirements that emphasize the benefits of NFV in a multi-administrative domain environment.
  2. Establishing a common catalog of service descriptions that can be instantiated between service providers: runtime, network, and supporting functions.
  3. Specifying the service advertising and discovery mechanisms that allow companies to find and incorporate these services.
  4. Incorporating service creation tools such as service chaining for construction of new, aggregate business applications and models.
  5. Establishing a common ordering and billing model in coordination with the ATIS OBF and other industry bodies.

Learn more about NFV Forum Use Cases here.


Tom Anderson, Cisco
Ben Campbell, Oracle

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