*The PTSC NGCI TF was transitioned to the PTSC-IPI Subcommittee on April 22, 2013.

PTSC NG-CI TF: Next Generation Carrier Interconnect Task Force

Mission: The ATIS PTSC NG-CI TF will develop an IP network to network interconnection guideline based on ATIS Standards that will provide physical configuration, protocol suite profile, operational information to be exchanged between carriers, and test suites in order to support conformance and interoperability testing.

Scope: A testing environment and tests will be defined that can be used to perform interoperability testing of various services between two carriers. Initial focus of the NG-CI TF will be voice and VoIP services Interconnection over IP-based links/networks covering domestic mobile-to-mobile voice service interconnect over IP, and VoIP islands to VoIP islands interconnection over IP. These will be extended from domestic (mobile, nomadic IP) to international (mobile, nomadic IP) over IP for voice services interconnection. Other services like wireline-TDM, managed peer-to-peer, mobile-to-mobile peering, IPTV, multimedia services, gaming, fixed-mobile service convergence, etc. may also be considered.

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